Remove Residual Adhisive





Introduction: Remove Residual Adhisive

After a recent trip to hospital I was left with some dirty sticky marks from the tape they used on my arm, while I was in hospital my 2 year old though it was a good idea to stick tape on the front of the washing machine. Both were messy looking and difficult to remove in conventional ways.

Step 1: What You Need

You simply need to break down the adhisive, adhisive hates greases and fats. I used vegetable oil and some kitchen towel, I was generous with the oil as it's cheap and I had a fair bit to clean.

Step 2: Clean Skin and Appliance

With some very gentle rubbing the oil begins to break down the adhisive and it comes away in rolls. There is the added bonus you're skin gets some moisturiser as well :-)



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    WD40 also works very well for taking adhesive off of items. Probably not best for skin, but it works great on household items. You just spray a little bit onto a paper towel, and then scrub. Great instructables.

    Yeah it's good stuff. They do WD40 fragrance now! Thanks I try to make diverse ones.

    Just wanted to add to this Instructable...Naphtha works very well to remove solvent based adhesive. You can buy naphtha in a paint store as "VM&P Naphtha" or as cigarette lighter fluid for zippos. I recommend baby oil (safer than naphtha but slower to work) to remove glue from skin. Vegetable oil is also commonly used to release animals from rodent glue traps, FYI.

    thanks for the tip. nail polish remover (acetone) will also do it hit I would really like to put it on my skin and never on a painted surface