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Introduction: Remove Spyware Guard 2008

Spyware Guard 2008 is a virus that is supposed to look like an anti spyware / anti virus application. However IT IS NOT AN ANTI VIRUS. IT IS A VIRUS. IT WILL CAUSE YOUR COMPUTER TO FREEZE AND BE VERY SLOW. In this instructable I will show you how to remove it from your computer.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is a list of the software you will need to remove it:

File ASSASSIN from :

Advanced System Care FREE from :

An anti virus application, I use Sympatico Security Manager but if you are looking for something free try AVG from :

Step 2: Close and Disable

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to get to the windows task manager. Click on the 'Processes" Tab. End the process of "spywareguard.exe". Next click start, run, and type "msconfig" Click on the "Startup" tab desable anything in the folder of " C:\ Program Files\Spyware Guard 2008". It will ask you if you want to reboot your computer, click "Restart"

Step 3: Removing Some Files

When the Computer restarts click Start then search. Click all files and folders. Search for the folder" Spyware Guard 2008" delete all the instances of that folder. Open My Computer, Click on the "C" Drive, Select the "windows" folder and select search. Search for the following files:


Delete all of these files. Then empty the recycling bin.

Step 4: Delete the Bad Code

Go to my computer, C:\ ,Program Files then open the folder "Spyware Guard 2008" there will be .exe files, .vbe and .cfg files. Open the .vbe files with Notepad. To do so right click it and hit properties. Tell it that you want to open it with notepad. Click Apply then OK. You may have the click the .vbe icons. When you do so notepad will open showing the virus codes. Click edit, select all then press DELETE. Next click file then save. (the page should be blank) Close note pad. Do this with all the .vbe and .cfg files. Next right click the EXE files ( I belive they're called "uninstall" and "spywareguard2008") and select delete with File ASSASSIN. Close Windows Explorer and empty the recycling bin.

Step 5: Use Advanced System Care

Run advanced system care and scan for problems. Don't disable anything just click "Scan Now". ( Click on Maintain Windows on top of the word care). This will preform a Registry Fix, Spyware Scan, Privacy Sweep, and a disk cleanup. If you are asked to create any backups click "yes". When the scan is done click repair. Close advanced system care.

Step 6: Use a Anti-Virus

Launch your anti-virus and scan for viruses. Remove them if you can (as long as they are not important system files) if you can't they will be quarantined.

Step 7: Clear Internet Data

In Firefox click "Tools" then "Clear Private Data" Clear everything. Empty the recycling bin for the final time.

Step 8: Addional Stuff

You could also run a disk cleanup and a disk defrag. Click 'Start" All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup to run a disk cleanup (no duh:)) and Disk Defragmenter to defrag.

Step 9: The Last

Restart the PC (it might be a little slow shutting down, you have changed a lot of settings) and then your PC should be back to normal. Hope this works for you... it worked for me.



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    i tried to do the adress for spyware guard 2008, it lead me to an advertising filled site must be offline (so much for that!!!)

    AVG has a glitch-thingie
    it will fing any fake alert and tell you instantly, telling you its a virus, if you can (or want to) change the anti-virus to A-Squared, it is much better (by emsisoft)


    what is the download lik(S) for Spyware Guard 2008 so that YDL can make a removal tool for it or an update file for C:\Program Files\YDL antivirus\Removal files\


    Dude, my cousin has this one virus that is almost un-deletable! it disables Spybot, Adaware, and Norton! still have to get it out of his system...

    that would drive me crazy!

    It also disabled my anti-virus (Sympatico Security Manager) until I removed Spyware Guard 2008