Picture of Remove Sticker Goo With Confidence
Has this ever happened to you?

You score the item of your dreams from a thrift store or garage sale, only to have your ecstasy diminished by a stubborn sticky price tag or label.
You peel the sticker only to discover a sticky residue is left behind that quickly spoils your user experience.
If you're like me (and you probably aren't, since I like to wear a cardboad box with googly eyes on my head) you want a quick and easy solution, especially one that won't ruin the surface of your recent purchase.
Though some ideas have already been loaded as delect'ibles, here I've done a bit of research and put together a collection of the best ideas I've seen.
Call it an homage.
I hope this helps to get you out of your sticky wicket (oh yeah I did!) :)
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Step 1: Arm Yourself

Picture of Arm Yourself
There's nothing particularly tricky here.
Many common household items can come in handy without causing an explosion or mortal injury.
Do be smart about this, won't you?
Ex. Don't use the hair dryer technique while taking a bath.  Acetone's not for drinking.  Razor blades are sharp. Et cetra.

Here I've used:
-a hair dryer
-a razor blade
-vegetable oil
-nail polish remover (acetone)
-rubbing alcohol

Step 2: Shave it.

Picture of Shave it.
Get out a razor blade and instantly you'll find a great improvement over a good old fingernail picking.
Pull slowly and get the blade right under there.

PROS: removes lots of the sticker paper and lots of the sticky adhesive residue, leaving minimal mess (if it doesn't do the job entirely)

CONS: can only be used safely on surfaces harder than steel (glass, ceramics, etc. - no wood or plastic); gets your razor blade a bit sticky

Note: Be sure to use a high quality razor blade, but I doubt you'll get the best quality, since I already have that one.
rblee1 year ago
Thanks - I thought it was only me that was obsessive about removing labels.

You've made me feel a whole lot better about myself :)
eyewalk (author)  rblee1 year ago
we all have and need our quirks ;)
pabsty1 year ago
I hate to be a buzzkill but that seems a bit much. A trick I learned from my days working at a used book store that I still use is this: take lighter fluid and soak the label, let it sit for a couple minutes. Start peeling the label slowly and squirt a small amount under the label while peeling. Wipe off with a slightly dampened microfiber clothe. Works 9 out of 10 times without harming the surface.
eyewalk (author)  pabsty1 year ago
Hey Pabsty - you may be right, this could be a touch obsessive. I like your technique as well, which sounds like it would work on most surfaces. I'd be a bit wary of using it on certain plastics that may dissolve, just like alcohol and acetone solvents. Thanks for the input XD