Picture of Remove The Lyrics From MOST Songs
This will teach you how to remove the vocals from almost any song.
This is great for making your own Karaoke song

Now before i start i want you to know this won't completely remove the singer, but it will do a pretty good job of it so its worth a try.
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Step 1: Download Audacity

Picture of Download Audacity
You need to download Audacity, a free audio editing program.
First you need to go to and search Audacity.
Then click on the first result which brings you to there homepage and has a download like right there.
I use the beta version but it makes no difference for this.

Step 2: Open a Song

Picture of Open a Song
First you need to open a song so click File the open and find your song.
For this process you need to make sure it is stereo or has two blue bars or else this won't work.

Step 3: Split the Stereo Track

Picture of Split the Stereo Track
You need to split the song from one stereo audio track to two separate left and right tracks.

Step 4: Invert Right Audio

Picture of Invert Right Audio
For this step you need to invert the audio in the right bar.
To do this you need to click somewhere on the gray part of this bar,
then go to the Effects menu and select invert. (be sure the song is not playing when you try to do this)
The right track should look only a little different.

Step 5: Change To Mono

Picture of Change To Mono
Change both the right and left tracks to mono.

Step 6: Play The Song

Picture of Play The Song
You're done, thats all there is to it!!!!!
Just click play and there you go!!!!
You can now save it as an .wav .mp3(if you download the "LAME MP3 encoder" plug-in from their site) or a few other files !!

Thats it.
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arl12718 days ago

This method does not works. Period.

Audacity can not remove vocal at all.. thats it

Audacity can not remove vocal at all.. thats it

raufarau1 month ago

How to save after play da song

rosestar1302 months ago

This is great, but it seems to do the exact opposite - the vocals are fine, but the instrumental's all wonky...

help? ehe

E4lnf5 months ago I can't do it with this one. Can anyone help me please? I tried to do it with this and got left with just vocals

Mack28015 months ago

This looks and sounds great. Unfortunately, I have tried several sets of directions (all which say the same thing), and several songs I purchased from iTunes and NONE of them work. What am I doing wrong? Why isn't it working? Please help!!!!

EmmoH5 months ago

Thank you! It really worked :DD

MisMuz6 months ago

I went through the steps multiple times and the objective was not met. I can still hear the singers voice throughout the audio. Does anyone have an idea why?

G.Ranganathan7 months ago

Sir, can you please help me with one fine.. i would b greatly thankful.. pls sir.. THANK YOU

DancerBoi (author)  G.Ranganathan7 months ago
What song are you trying to accomplish this with?
DancerBoi (author)  G.Ranganathan7 months ago

This song unfortunately was recorded in a manor that is not compatible with this process. The only way this method works is if the vocals are recorded on a center track while the rest is subtly different on the Left versus Right track. that way when you inverse it and overlap it it cancels out the sound waves. This song was recorded very simply and I have no way of isolating and removing the vocals. I'm very sorry that I am unable to help, I hope you find a way to accomplish what you desire.

Tank u sir.. ll send u d link in mail..

on my first song, the words and the sound quality significantly decreased, with very garbled words in the background. almost as awful sounding as a ruined record. Hopefully better luck later on.

JacobRoan2 years ago
If anyone's wondering how this works, what happens when you invert a track is the same if you invert an image, it becomes the exact opposite. If you were to layer these two over each other and they were both identical (mono) you would hear nothing because they would cancel each other out. The same thing would happen with the original image and the inverted one if you layered them with 50% opacity. Now the reason this cancels the vocals and not most of the other audio is because vocals are always recorded in mono, while most other instruments are recorded in stereo, giving them minute differences that stand out when the tracks are flipped.

So for an example of complete inversion cancellation you can split the stereo track in Audacity then change it from left or right to mono, duplicate it, and invert one of them. You should here nothing at all, pretty cool right?!

Well anyways, this doesn't really work to well, because some instruments are mono recorded, and you lose A LOT of sound quality with this technique, and the biggest problem is that there is a lot of added stereo reverb and effects added to vocals today.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little audio lesson today. :)

Thank you for this!

power0001 year ago
I did it!!! wonderfull
power0001 year ago
Sir i am using sound force,can you please help me ,I choose one channel i reverse it ,and what do you mean ''change to mono''. I can not find this option. You mean to make another file with the inverted channel?
dvitale22 years ago
I really like this because I can discern the harmonies easier. Thanks a lot man!
Tested it on two songs
The Decemberists - Calamity Song: Muted the vocals, still half-audible in the background.
Ellie Goulding - Lights: Removed all vocals except echo effects and chorus.
ace_gatling3 years ago
When recording a music, sometimes the sound table controller selects Left channel for Voice and Right channel for guitar, bass and drums (or the opposite).

What I am saying is they SOMETIMES separate Voice for a exclusive channel. However, today, it's rare to see that; check out The Who songs, especially "Eminence Front"; without the Left channel you cant hear the singer except in the Chorus...

Left, Right Channels --> Search for Stereo Audio
This did absolutely nothing for me, did not work. I thought you were supposed to take pride in your work on this site.
DancerBoi (author)  Little John J133 years ago
... Okay, this has worked for me many times with legitimate songs i have bought. The song you tried to use it on was most likely either recorded in mono or dual mono (meaning it's the same on the left and the right track) this would cause this method ineffective.

I posted this as a guide for others to try to accomplish a task i already know how to do, this was for you to enjoy, and i'm sorry it didn't live up to your expectations. Much apologies.
tpennells3 years ago
nice, remove the whole song as well as the vocals. I thought you were gonna go for some EQ or something, would have been much more effective
DancerBoi (author)  tpennells3 years ago
Feel free to post your own instuctable on how you would do it, this is just one way I learned to and thought I would share it with all of you.
deiriz3 years ago
this technique will only render the song out of phase. it will remove alot of frequencies and the song will sound empty it is not the correct way to remove frequencies.
DancerBoi (author)  deiriz3 years ago
Wow. This was just one way to accomplish the task. If you have a better way to do this for free, then feel free to post it, but saying what's wrong with the way i do it is not helpful. At all. Thank you.
it didnt work for me at all
Krayzi993 years ago
tried Awake and alive, didnt really work
you can kind of hear the lyrics
casey113 years ago
i downloaded it but when i click on it a bunch of coding crap comes up. how do i open it?
kratos4043 years ago
I made it, It Works, try to make one to Mute the Lyrics :D
it worked for me. I tried The Wild Swans' song Liquid Mercury. and it worked good, and of course the accompanying sound did somewhat changed a bit. But it's good.. thanks!!
DancerBoi (author)  ryanavellanosa3 years ago
Glad i could help =]
theudsingh3 years ago
i didnot get you.. i download it but its not working.. :( please help me anyone.. :(
Terry20305 years ago
Hey Dancerboi,   I seem to be having a problem with step # 4.  Invert right audio.  I click in the grey area of the right bar, go click on effect the items in the drop down box are not operating.  They are all grey.  As I go down to invert it is high lighted but nothing happens when I click on it.  None of the steps after that work either.  Any suggestions ?  I have tried several songs but the same thing happens.  This a good instructable.  I think you did a good job.  I just think I am doing something wrong. 
you need to actually press the Stop button. the big yellow square in your transport. (top left corner)
DancerBoi (author)  Terry20304 years ago
Progenic is right, you must stop the song before you can apply any effects to the track.
nbagf Terry20304 years ago
 you are doing nothing wrong just click where it says then use your mose to highlight the song.

p.s. the lyrics didn't go away for me

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