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If you need to remove the vocals or lyrics from a song in order to fix it or censor it, you've come to the right place. I'll tell you how to do just that, and I hope you like this tutorial!
The program I will be using, Audacity, can be downloaded here:

NOTE: This does not always work for all songs, but it does for most of them.


Step 1: Open Audacity

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If you haven't downloaded it already, download it. It is free. If you have, then open it up to a new project.

Step 2: Drag in the Song

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Drag in the song from your desktop, or any folder. You can also drag in the song straight from iTunes.

Step 3: Split the Stereo Track

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Go to the upper left of the sound track and click on the drop down arrow next to the name of the song. Click on "Split Stereo Track".

Step 4: Select the Bottom Track

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To do this, double click on the blue part of the lower track. It should turn a darker shade of gray than the other track.

Step 5: Invert the Bottom Track

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Go to the Effects tab and click on "Invert". This flips around the lower track.

Step 6: Set Both Tracks to Mono

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Next go back to the drop down arrow next to the name of the song, and click on "Mono". Do this for both tracks. This sets it so that each audio signal is routed through a single channel.

Step 7: Export It

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Lastly, click the play button to make sure that the vocals are gone. If so, go up to the File tab and click "Export". Once you do this, a box or two may pop up asking you to choose what name you want to export it as. Type in the name you want and press either Ok or Export. You should be good! If your vocals could not be removed, I apologize, but some songs have vocals that can't be removed completely. I wish you the best of luck though!


azharz (author)2013-05-22


tgascho (author)azharz2013-06-12


NaomiB41 (author)2017-11-21

how do you do it with a cover of song on YouTube

AlexanderL135 (author)2017-11-14

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. . .How did you figure this out?? This is amazing!!!!!

QUEEN OFC (author)2017-11-14

Thanks worked ..superb...

AlexP160 (author)2017-10-02


rockjhon (author)2017-04-30

The export option is blurred. I cant export

S.A.M.B (author)rockjhon2017-09-18

Your track is probably playing, thus the options are disabled. That, or you haven't downloaded the plugins needed to be able to export your track.

MilanM58 (author)2017-09-15

I followed all the above instruction but failed to remove vocal. Can you please help me?

JO28 (author)2017-09-01

GENIUS! Great! Now I'm close to open my "karaoke" bar :)

JO28 (author)JO282017-09-01


Thanks so much, it is really helpful

SimanasV (author)2017-08-01

This doesn't work most of the times. Even once it works it usually eliminates a lot of other sounds that needs to stay. Better use PhonicMind Vocal Remover. It's the worlds first truly working vocal remover based on latest AI advancements.

KyleP98 (author)SimanasV2017-08-09

Phonic Mind Vocal Remover is a rip off. It does exactly what the author does, it just charges you a *non-refundable* $3.99 to do it. Be sure to read the brief, yet poignant legal disclaimer on the site.

The track I uploaded came back to me unlistenable. You've been warned.

SimanasV (author)KyleP982017-08-10

It solely depends on audio file quality that you use. If your file was of a poor audio quality, then it might not satisfy your needs.

GamingWithThatGuy/ (author)2017-07-28

I tried this with Fandroid - Kill Or Be Killed and it took out the instrumental instead xD

jurika (author)2017-07-11

i tryed many times but its not work

JinW4 (author)2017-06-03

Fantastic, TJ Gascho, thanks for this. Worked like a charm for me :) thanks heaps.

dewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (author)2017-05-26

Did forest by twenty one pilots. The voice isnt completely removed and sounds rather faint but still awesome! thanks!

NazarG3 (author)2017-05-15

GREAT, thank you

TheCraftingCriminals (author)2017-04-19

I did this on the song "Master Of Puppets" and it worked up until the point when the backup voices with reverb yelled "MASTER!!!"

KennethM117 (author)2017-03-22

doesnt work tried multiple songs with multiple formats and its screws up every song .. this is rubbish information

Łüçīfėrø (author)2017-02-10

Unfortunately it did not work for me. I am trying to use this with Gasoline by Halsey.

I'm trying to do Control by Halsey, and it kind of worked for me. The vocals are much quieter but you can still kind of hear them. I think I might try to use it but I'm not sure yet.

PrathmeshS2 (author)2017-01-24

thank you soo much

mavssudhir (author)2016-12-29

I tried its not working for any song .....Do we have to load the song in any specific format.. Please suggest

Caloxeno (author)2016-12-10

Seems to work, but now the song sounds bad, like if it had metallic sounds... Any way to fix it?

What is the other option say i want to have the vocals but not the background song? (remixing my song but adding the vocals per say)

Look up "How to isolate vocals in Audacity"

You'll get your answer

KrishnaN17 (author)2016-10-19

I can still hear the lyrics... :(

TheoA2 (author)KrishnaN172016-11-23

This means that your song is unusual, and does not fit a number of guidelines required for this technique to work. Try another method, or another song...

Shivanshu sinha (author)2016-11-13

could i do it in mixpad? everybody's using audacity and it seems like i bought mixpad for nothing ☹?

TheoA2 (author)Shivanshu sinha2016-11-23

It would be easier just to install Audacity.

Shivanshu sinha (author)2016-11-13

did it! sounds a little squishy but overall satisfied

GregM143 (author)2016-08-26

My recording came out sounding swishy, like going through a phase shifter and in some spots like it was recorded underwater. Is there a way to clean that up?

Shivanshu sinha (author)GregM1432016-11-13

you van try cleaning it in wavepad

NanoweberNibbles (author)2016-10-25

Two Words... Melodyne Editor... three more words... Direct Note Access... This is not an easy process, and nowhere near as easy as Celemony makes it seem. You actually have to know quite a bit about how vocals are laid down on a track, especially if there are instruments crashing through the vocals all the time which, surprise, there always are.

You can do amazing things with each note, though... I'd start with practicing notes from a single guitar chord, and see how easy it is to remove one not from the chord... A voice is just a spectrum of notes that all kind of bleed together... it gets even worse when reverb and echo are involved. It is possible to squash out reverb and echo to the point where they're unnoticeable though. It's probably a good idea to brush up on Audio Engineering theory before attempting something like this. It takes years to get good at it.

Nothing's ever going to be perfect, but being able to patch up artifacts left behind by your original vocal removal is pretty paramount to getting a decent sound.

Specifically, when dealing with vocals, it help to know vocal ranges in Hz. 85 - 155 for male vocals, 165 - 255Hz female, and 250 - 300+ for typical children.

Bottom line... there is no easy way.

farooka1 (author)2016-10-19

how i can do a free trial

MattL144 (author)farooka12016-10-20

audacity is free just google it

SampaguitaM (author)2016-09-12

thank you...

Luis Doporto (author)2016-08-21

Looks like it did not work on my song.. I will try on another one.. Is there anyway to know if it will work on a song or not. Thanks

Luis Doporto (author)2016-08-19

Great help! Thanks

MickeyH3 (author)2016-05-17

When I click on "effects" I cannot click any of them, they are all grey! Why is that?

DJxDanger_Eden (author)MickeyH32016-07-17

If all of the options are greyed out, make sure that you have hit the space bar or "Stop" button, they will not be available if you have not fully stopped the song.

HemB (author)2016-07-10

Why completely not convert to Koroake? very tiny voice can be hear still

AamirHussain123 (author)2016-06-23

find the smiling here

FajarM8 (author)2016-06-21

i am not getting invert. its grey

JennyY8 (author)2016-05-28


クトゥルーヘ (author)2016-04-29

Can someone give me a way to do this that doesn't involve turning the song into a jumble of static and almost-sounds? Please?

MAHFUZAS (author)2016-04-27


LuÁ7 (author)2016-04-20

Thanks. Now all I hear with the music is the reverbed vocals. The "center" or "source or dry or original vocals" were eliminated but the effects vocals remain. Is there a way to wipe out the remaining vocal effects? (i.e., the reverbed vocals)

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