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So its summer again, and for me that meant sandals, and with sandals came a wart. I had a wart once before a few summers ago from wearing sandals and used those different treatments compound w, freezing, etc. However, none of them seemed to work as quickly or effictively as I wanted. Even after weeks of using compound w the thing had only shrunk a bit, so I created my own method, did it once and the wart was gone.

Step 1: Parts

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1. Paper towels
2. Big toenail clippers (I think you know where I am going with this)
3. Bandaids
4. Disinfectant of some kind

Step 2: Remove the Wart

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Before you do anything disinfect everything the wart, the clippers, your hands, etc. The first time I didnt use any, and I paid for it ... with my life! (luckily I had a few extra lives chained up in my basement, and when satan came a knockin he gladly took three of them in exchange for mine)

Set the paper towels down where you will do your "surgery", since warts have a tendancy of bleeding like one of the hemophiliac children I give papercuts to for fun.

Put the clippers around the wart and clip, and clip some more, and some more. Dont stop until it is a bloody mess, and then clip some more. You really want to make sure you got everything, or else you will have to do it again. The part of the wart that is raised above the skin will normally not hurt when you clip it because there are no nerve endings in it, but once you clear that it will hurt a bit, but only a bit.

Stop crying, apply more disinfectant, and put the bandaid on. Your done.


Ramiro Swamp (author)2013-06-27

Light a match, let it burn for 5 secs. Blow it off and place it right in the center of the wart. Wait 1 day and the wart will come off by itself.

chocolatechip (author)2013-05-12

If I were you, I would go to a doctor.

carlaswick (author)2012-07-02

As a young 20 something year old I started to get warts on my face, above my eye. I had them burned by a doctor but they returned and started to grow to my temple. I was horrified to say the least. A friend told me she had gotten a small pox shot and her's cleared right up. Thankfully we had a small town older Doctor in town and I told him what I had heard
and asked him for a shot. This was in the 70's and luckily he had some serum and I got the shot. They were gone in 3 days and I have never had another wart. I'm not sure what type of warts they were I just felt so thankful for the girls suggestion. I'm not sure anyone or anywhere, but the military gives them. Just spreading the news.......and a very EASY way of getting rid of warts!

MattEvans16 (author)carlaswick2012-10-25

I'm a young 20 something year old, and have 2 warts on my fingers, and have had my small pox vaccination!.. Small pox vaccination is not a fun thing to go through. But I wish it worked.

carl.myhill (author)2012-10-18

I can't bring myself to read this instructable because it looks so horrific. I have written up an alternative solution using Duct Tape. Please take a look before you try something horrific and drastic. The Duct Tape method really works well and is at least worth a try !

Akatsuki-Hime (author)2012-07-07

I have a problem: I have four(ish) warts that I'm aware of:
1 on the pad of my left pinkie
1on the palm of my right hand
1 on the side of my 3rd left toe(pretty sure it's a plantar wart)
and 1 (or four clumps all bundled together?) plantar wart on my left little toe, which I think I've had for at least two years.

I want to remove them all, especially the plantar warts and the one on my palm(it gets caught on things and is continuously ticking me off). Tried duct tape, but can't tell if it would of worked or not, as I lost the rest of the duct tape.
And I don't want to go to doctor, too expensive.

Now for my issue: today I was helping my mom in the garden, where I tripped over a stone brick on our little path, causing me to scrape my little toe, removing about 1/3 of the wart or so. There was a lot of blood, so my mom washed it off wit the garden hose. We went back in the house and my mom helped clean up the scrape, but there were little black things on one side of my cut that she wouldn't pull out because it caused bleeding.

My question is: what are those little black things and should we have pulled them out? And what is the least non-painful and non-bloody way to remove the little jerks?

MissSweetyLulu (author)2012-05-16

I just followed this procedure...I hope it goes for good.

Iz D. (author)MissSweetyLulu2012-06-14

me too. didnt hurt too much.

Golem100 (author)2011-05-17

My grandmother taught me a way to remove warts. I can use it but, unfortunately, I can only reveal it to a granddaughter of mine, of which there are none. If I tell anyone else, it will no longer work for me. And yes, it has worked.

As a side note, my grandmother also told me how to "talk fire out" and how to stop a cut from bleeding by saying words over it, however, I forgot how to do both of those.

dsaik (author)Golem1002011-09-13

If you're going to comment, please add something useful to this discussion.

Virtuous (author)dsaik2011-09-27

They definitely didn't say anything wrong and I enjoyed reading their comment. That was un-called for.

Broom (author)Virtuous2012-06-04

It's meaningless noise. This site is about helping others, not playing a game of "I know how to do it but I won't share!"

drsassafras (author)2012-05-19

If cutting, I would recomend going to your home renovatoin store and purchasing some Olfa Black Blades, they advertise they are 20% sharper than the regular blades, boy are they ever sharp. After I discovered them I use them for all minor surgery.

I also use incense for wart removal. Light the stick and push it into the skin for burning. It worked well for the wart on my hand, but did not do the trick for the wart on my toe. After getting frustrated, I just cut it out. hurts to walk but getting better. Day 3 now.

The wart on my finger loostened up when I burnt it with the incence, allowing me to pull it out, with a little effort. The wart on my food it was heavily attached to the surrounding skin and would not loosen. Hence the cutting.

Dirgel (author)2012-02-24

I have had 3 warts in my life that I know of.
Wart #1 on the bottom of my foot appeared and became very painful to walk on. I wasn't willing to pay a doctor fee just so i could be squeemish. I sharpened my leatherman knife blade sterilized it and a the pliers over a candle. Dipped both in ice water and then alcohol and washed my whole foot thoroughly. I used the knife blade to cut about 1/8 inch around the edge of the wart. I then used the pliers to pull the wart from my foot. The root was close to a half inch long. I held "sterile" gauze over the bleeding firmly while I heated the knife blade on the candle to near red hot and removed gauze while quickly carterizing the hole created. The hillbilly surgery as I call it took about 5 days to heal completely. That was 3 years ago and I have not had a problem since then.

Wart #2 and #3 I have had as long as I can remember. #2 on knuckle of my index of my index finger had a tendency to be sensitive to the touch so I removed it today with toenail clippers and I'm quite sure I got the root. It bled a lot but I cleaned and bandaged it.

Wart #3 may lead many of you to believe I'm insane. It's on the fingerprint side of my right thumb and I would not trade it for the world. It never hurts and acts as sort of a callous when working or a stylus on my touchscreen phone.

In conclusion I don't think clipping/cutting off warts is a bad idea. So long as you do it right. And each person is different. I almost never get sick and heal at a near odd rate.

ilpug (author)2012-01-05

Apply medical iodine to it a few times a day for about a week and it should shrink away to nothing.

sskaar (author)2011-08-26

naw this doesnt work at all i tried this before reading this and i used bleach with q tip and shoved it in the hole now its back in less than 3 months and it is twice as thick with two heads

rbaca1 (author)sskaar2011-11-29

bleach is a base, the exact opposite of an acid, the home acid you might be searching for is vinegar, or battery acid. though i'm not saying either of these will work, i've cut a wart out of my arm once, not very painful if you use a sharp tipped knife... also, little tip, do it in the shower to prevent a messy cleanup. once you cut about halfway around the base the whole thing is pretty easy to get a hold of, just put a washcloth in your mouth, hold tight and rip... tweezers to clean the remaining skin and a patch of gauze soaked in rubbing alcohol and neosporin should do the trick.

cmcfarlane (author)2011-10-14

I did this and it bled everywere, iv had it for like a year. ITs been burn off twice and iv also used over the counter products and nothing has worked. Fingers crossed this works :)

builderofmanythings (author)2011-09-10

I've always used the old nail and torch trick. I take a pair of pliers and hold the nail and heat it real hot. It doesn't hurt to much till I burn through the wart (since there are not any nerve endings in the wart) and when I feel the burn, I've gone far enough. This is the only way I've found that works for me, but if someone wants to try this I've heard the fumes from this process can cause warts in the nose if inhaled, so be carfull

nobbsy123 (author)2011-09-06

I have had problems with warts in the past. i tried filing them down with a nail file. The best bet is to use some acid. Acid kills the skin in the wart and the skin changes colour to a sort of weird browny colour then the skin falls off once the skin under it forms. There is no scarring and it only stings for a few minutes. I did this with battery acid.

mde guzman (author)2011-05-30

Hi, well , if ur a swimmer like me, chlorine will kill it. Also, most herbs or plants that humans use have a tendency to mess around with ur body, so GOOD LUCK!!!

cjagielski (author)2011-05-09

All u need to do is get some tinkture of benzoin, medical adhesive and a week or two of time. What u do is: Take a shower, dry the wart off after u get out, thoroughly apply tincture of benzoin and completely cover with the medical adhesive for the rest of the time until your next shower, then jjust before your next shower, remove tape and do it all again. U should start being able to pick chunks off after 5 days or so. . . Ew it's so gross dealing with plantar/common warts but it does feel good to kill them! Oh and this is a ZERO PAIN technique

tcamp (author)2011-05-08

when i was little i had 5 or 6 on all 10 of my fingers. i got tired of them and i picked mine off with my fingers. they never bleed or scared, inever had problems with them since then.

jadam1 (author)2011-03-27

lol I do this all the time, for even more effect, take a long shower before and get it really soft. The top will come off easy and the rest is soft and easy to kill

HaileyBop1821 (author)2011-03-26

Ok so i have a way to get rid of them for good and it doesnt envolve any clippers blood, and its pretty much painless. Take a hot shower so that the wart gets soft. After u take a shower put compound w on the wart, let dry. Then when thats dry u take a nail file. You would think this part hurts but it really doesnt. File the compound w off and the dead skin on the top of the wart. Continue to do this everyday for about a week. This is what i did when i had one on my ankle, it was gone, and has never came back! I did try the more painfull rout on my knee, by going to the doctor and having it burned off, not froze, It was effective but man oh man did it hurt! Not to mention i have a scare the size of my finger nail there now. So try out my method it worked for me maybe it will work for u! :)

jmather-1 (author)2011-03-04

I've had plantar warts but have been able to get rid of them similarly but always used mediplast, just use this technique: I have had a small go away in 3 weeks.

boodlehead79 (author)2010-02-13

About a year ago, I noticed a round, scaly, hard growth on the outside of my left ankle. Well, being a picker of flesh-wounds by nature my whole life, I picked and picked at it.  Then one day, I nicked the very top of it off while I was shaving my legs, and it bled and bled and bled. Once the scab healed, the raised scaly growth came back just like it had before.  This time I was obsessed; I knew something was out of the ordinary, and all I could think of was physically cutting out whatever the hard round orb was under my skin. At first, my mother examined it and told me it was not a wart, but a wynn (sp?) (a raised area of the epidermis filled with clear, puss-like fluid that you can pop with a pin, and it will flatten, for a while, anyway).  About a month ago, I tried this by picking apart a brand-new safety razor, sterilizing the blade, and cutting around the growth, and found that it was not a wynn, for no puss came out, but lots of bright red blood, instead.  I was certain at this point that this was a wart. I cut and cut and dug and dug under and around it, digging out all I could, leaving a big bloody pool on the floor around my foot, the white towel I used had turned scarlet, and every surrounding area for that matter was smeared with blood, as if a massacre had occurred.  After, It felt as if the wart was gone at first, then the scab formed and healed, and now, the wart is back just like it was before I did anything.  I lost my job and benefits due to the economical woes of the past two years, so I have no insurance for a professional to remove it. That is why I came to this website.  And I will sterilize and cut until the day I dig this SOB out!!!  Thx for any suggestions ya'll may have, if you have them.  I will gladly try them.

why do u shave ur legs dude only girls do that

I'm not a dude. ringmeat. I am A FEMALE. Pay attention and read for context clues, doofus.

he messed up BIG time

Berkin (author)boodlehead792010-04-28

Oh, that sounds horrid! Hope you manage to dig it out eventually. ;)

TH3MAST3R (author)2010-11-27

I had a wart and i froze it and "dremeled" it(talk about pain) and it went

ratnator88 (author)2008-07-18

lol i got pissed off with a wart once and ended up cutting at it with a kraft knife

gps93 (author)ratnator882010-11-15

I have done the same, it grew back, the dermatologist tried. It has grown back.

RUSH752 (author)2010-07-20

Well, I actually have a WART on my index finger, on top of my knuckle [talk about omens...] and am seriously thinking about trying the plier technique...I've already got everything prepped....the Soapy warm water for soaking my hand and for the sterilization of the equiptment, which I also have ready... ALSO, I've already taken all dead-skin from around the wart itself, and now only have the task of actually REMOVING the blasted Viral-Balloon that thought my knuckle was a good place to land...Ahem. I WILL SURELY LET YOU KNOW IF I SUCCEED WITH MY HANDY NEEDLE-NOSE PLIERS... --Frustrated ps. I've had this thing for over 2 years now. 8- |

forwardbias (author)2010-07-03

Airduster can, use a hollow q-tip, works well, electricty also works well, current will kill the wart and bad skin with the virus, with high frequency AC, it dont hurt, other than the wart you want to kill. Freezing can hurt though, and cutting, that leads to scars, and if you are not carefull, you need to go to the ER for stiches, and warts can travel through blood, you get blood everywhere, and just cause more warts. Freeze them, or use electricity. Simple drivers are online for wart zappers, they up a 9 volt DC supply, stepped up to over 100 volts low current. It will sting, but it works. It burns and kills the living cells infected with HPV, which HPV needs living cells to spread. Kill those living cells, the virus dies off with no living cells to replicate, and new normal tissue grows through skin regeneration. Dont let a wart on your finger f*ck up your date with someone, fry that f*cker with electricity!!! There is no gain without pain, sadly with warts, if you freeze them off or burn them off with electricity, its going to hurt. Warning: I said low current, dont touch an end of a 120 outlit cord to your wart, as it will kill more than just your wart, 15A short circuit amperage. That will kill you. Afew hundred volts to afew thousand, at low current below 9mA is good wart killer stuff. A plasma globe wrapped in foil, direct the arc to your wart while barefoot on good ground. It might hurt and your wart will smoke, but it will kill it!!! Make sure to burn holes into every part of the wart, to cauterize all blood vessils to the wart. When cauterized, blood cant go to the wart, it shrivels up, and dies, and normal skin grows.

kazumz (author)2010-06-14

Best way to remove: You need: Nail Clippers, Small ones. Salt Tissue, Lots of it! Balls to manage pain. I had one right up my nose, it was un-noticable, I left it for about 3 years but then I had enough when it decided to spread closer down my nostrel so It was starting to become noticable, One day I decided to use the Ol' Methodio of removing it yourself, I dont like the doctors personally. I got the clippers right on it and Squose slowly and steadily, It was VERY painful, my eyes were watering and because of the pain being caused in my nose I was sneezing from the reaction. I got half of it off only to see that I needed to finish it off, It was only a small thing and was easily grippable by the clippers, So I squose again sneezing and eyes watering pain blistering and blood everywere, Got it off. I then Put pressure on it with tissue to stop the bleeding, I then remembered that ofcourse it can spread through blood and infection so I ran downstairs and grabbed the salt, put a little on my finger and rubbed it in, then I washed my hands in hot water to get rid of seeds. A week later and it has gone light brown, I decided to give it a whipe where it had been and to my surprise 90% of it has gone and not regrown, A little bit still hangs there but It it grows again so will that get ripped out too. Dont forget to wash your Clippers afterwards, hands and all. You dont want a wart appearing under your toenail do you? By the way, there was a CRAPLOAD of blood, so be careful.

Disconnected (author)2007-12-25

Merely clipping isn't enough for a deep wart. Plantar warts are the worst. You have to kill the roots in order to get rid of it permantently. A bottle of fine whiskey and a good hot soldering iron should do the trick. :)

CapnTac (author)Disconnected2009-12-26

I had some on the bottoms of my feet a couple of months ago, I just repeatedly using some acid that my dad got sbout a year ago, and then dug them out with some nail clippers. Didn't hurt too bad,

hoihoi151 (author)Disconnected2009-01-25

he is right merely cliping isnt enough. do wat i did. get out the old pocket knife sharpen her up. make a square cut around the wart, tilt it, and slice underneath the roots. oh u will know when the roots have ended when blood starts pouring out of ur foot. i have done this twice now. didnt know how much blood there was goin 2 b, ruined the carpet. if u dont have a strong immune system make sure 2 clean everything b4 during and after.

ninicraftone (author)hoihoi1512009-02-25

There's no need to cut it at all... just shave down the top outer layer with clippers or a nail file and then.. start picking at the wart with your fingernails... pick and pull and twist it a bit when you get it separated from the surrounding skin. Keep going with the picking and twisting and pulling until the wart is very loose.. At this point it will start to bleed a bit and become tender while you pull at it... You're getting close now... persistence pays off... when the wart seems like it's hanging on by a thread give a final tug and twist and 'voila' you will be holding your wart in your fingers and there will be a deep hole where it used to be. Watch out for the copious blood flowing out of that hole... Have something handy to absorb it!

I had a wart on my finger several years ago and just took a pair of pliers and yanked it out and it pulled the roots out along with it, before that, I tried cutting it several times but it kept coming back bigger every time, the pliers was a permanent fix, the roots were just over a 1/4 inch long.

yallrfags (author)Disconnected2008-09-22

oh man a couple of years back i had 3 of them in one foot that i left and hoped they would go away by themselves... well they didnt and i ended up having to get them burnt out by a doctor. ever since then i have had 3 almost 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of my foot. if you dont think that i very deep get out a ruler and compare to your foot!

notagain09 (author)2009-12-14
As a little girl I had a 3 warts.  One on the top of my main nuckle on my finger, one on the knuckle that joins your finger to your hand, and one under my pinky fingernail.  I had them frozen off at the doctors.  I remember a sting here and there, I guess that was when he was hitting individual roots, but overall not too bad of an experience.  Haven't had one since and they never came back.

Now that I am in my 30's, I haven't dealt with this in what, 20 years?  I just realized this week that the "dry skin" on the edge of my thumb is not just dry skin that I have been picking at for about 6 months.  It's a wart that grew into two with a split inbetween.  I noticed this because after a bath one night last week, I looked at my thumb after soaking for a while and it was clear with black lines all in it.  UGH!  Anyway, after reading all over the internet for resolution, I soaked mine in very hot hot water, and started clipping away until I didn't see any black lines with brand new clippers that I will eventually throw away.  The bleeding started, and I dried my finger off.  Then I heavily applied clear fingernail polish,  to the entire area which I will re-apply for a few days until I see deadened skin from the wart not being able to breathe.  I will then soak it again in very hot water and repeat the process until it is gone from the root.  I will also try the duckt tape if this doesn't work in a week or two.  Luckily the polish didn't sting.  I just knew with that raw area that it would hurt, but it didn't. 

Will come back often to let you know how it goes.  :)
Jodex (author)2009-10-21

Works. I have done this before...

Cat on my Lap (author)2009-07-31

I recently tried to self-apply liquid N2. I've never gotten frostbite or outright frozen tissue before. It wasn't so bad at first, but once it started to thaw out...that was painful. Speaking of pain, ice the area for a while to reduce blood volume and numb the pain. Has anyone tried application of Coke? It has a pH of ~2, due to the phosphoric acid content, I imagine it'd be a potent exfoliator.

JR737 (author)2009-07-18

If you have a wart that won't go away, seek professional help. Attempting to remove it by cutting can cause serious medical complications such as infection. It is dumb and unsafe to remove warts and moles by yourself.

dannapaola27 (author)2009-05-21

yeah that wont do i have a BIG WART !!!! i cant remove it anybody got any ideas well i used dr.skols medicine for my little warts and yeah you have to go deeper to kill the roots yours is so small u should see mine its like 2 cm long !! god i hate it !!! ohh 1 more ? did it take of ? (by the way if any other people are w/ u the blood r like seeds if someone touched the blood a wart will grow on their hand it happened to me now i have 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shortE (author)dannapaola272009-05-26

look at the related videos and do the first 1 may seem stupid but it works

dannapaola27 (author)2009-05-21

omg i cant watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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