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Introduction: Remove Warts (Painfully)


So its summer again, and for me that meant sandals, and with sandals came a wart. I had a wart once before a few summers ago from wearing sandals and used those different treatments compound w, freezing, etc. However, none of them seemed to work as quickly or effictively as I wanted. Even after weeks of using compound w the thing had only shrunk a bit, so I created my own method, did it once and the wart was gone.

Step 1: Parts

1. Paper towels
2. Big toenail clippers (I think you know where I am going with this)
3. Bandaids
4. Disinfectant of some kind

Step 2: Remove the Wart

Before you do anything disinfect everything the wart, the clippers, your hands, etc. The first time I didnt use any, and I paid for it ... with my life! (luckily I had a few extra lives chained up in my basement, and when satan came a knockin he gladly took three of them in exchange for mine)

Set the paper towels down where you will do your "surgery", since warts have a tendancy of bleeding like one of the hemophiliac children I give papercuts to for fun.

Put the clippers around the wart and clip, and clip some more, and some more. Dont stop until it is a bloody mess, and then clip some more. You really want to make sure you got everything, or else you will have to do it again. The part of the wart that is raised above the skin will normally not hurt when you clip it because there are no nerve endings in it, but once you clear that it will hurt a bit, but only a bit.

Stop crying, apply more disinfectant, and put the bandaid on. Your done.



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    Light a match, let it burn for 5 secs. Blow it off and place it right in the center of the wart. Wait 1 day and the wart will come off by itself.

    If I were you, I would go to a doctor.

    As a young 20 something year old I started to get warts on my face, above my eye. I had them burned by a doctor but they returned and started to grow to my temple. I was horrified to say the least. A friend told me she had gotten a small pox shot and her's cleared right up. Thankfully we had a small town older Doctor in town and I told him what I had heard
    and asked him for a shot. This was in the 70's and luckily he had some serum and I got the shot. They were gone in 3 days and I have never had another wart. I'm not sure what type of warts they were I just felt so thankful for the girls suggestion. I'm not sure anyone or anywhere, but the military gives them. Just spreading the news.......and a very EASY way of getting rid of warts!

    I'm a young 20 something year old, and have 2 warts on my fingers, and have had my small pox vaccination!.. Small pox vaccination is not a fun thing to go through. But I wish it worked.

    I can't bring myself to read this instructable because it looks so horrific. I have written up an alternative solution using Duct Tape. Please take a look before you try something horrific and drastic. The Duct Tape method really works well and is at least worth a try !

    I have a problem: I have four(ish) warts that I'm aware of:
    1 on the pad of my left pinkie
    1on the palm of my right hand
    1 on the side of my 3rd left toe(pretty sure it's a plantar wart)
    and 1 (or four clumps all bundled together?) plantar wart on my left little toe, which I think I've had for at least two years.

    I want to remove them all, especially the plantar warts and the one on my palm(it gets caught on things and is continuously ticking me off). Tried duct tape, but can't tell if it would of worked or not, as I lost the rest of the duct tape.
    And I don't want to go to doctor, too expensive.

    Now for my issue: today I was helping my mom in the garden, where I tripped over a stone brick on our little path, causing me to scrape my little toe, removing about 1/3 of the wart or so. There was a lot of blood, so my mom washed it off wit the garden hose. We went back in the house and my mom helped clean up the scrape, but there were little black things on one side of my cut that she wouldn't pull out because it caused bleeding.

    My question is: what are those little black things and should we have pulled them out? And what is the least non-painful and non-bloody way to remove the little jerks?

    I just followed this procedure...I hope it goes for good.

    me too. didnt hurt too much.


    My grandmother taught me a way to remove warts. I can use it but, unfortunately, I can only reveal it to a granddaughter of mine, of which there are none. If I tell anyone else, it will no longer work for me. And yes, it has worked.

    As a side note, my grandmother also told me how to "talk fire out" and how to stop a cut from bleeding by saying words over it, however, I forgot how to do both of those.

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