Step 2: Remove the wart

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Before you do anything disinfect everything the wart, the clippers, your hands, etc. The first time I didnt use any, and I paid for it ... with my life! (luckily I had a few extra lives chained up in my basement, and when satan came a knockin he gladly took three of them in exchange for mine)

Set the paper towels down where you will do your "surgery", since warts have a tendancy of bleeding like one of the hemophiliac children I give papercuts to for fun.

Put the clippers around the wart and clip, and clip some more, and some more. Dont stop until it is a bloody mess, and then clip some more. You really want to make sure you got everything, or else you will have to do it again. The part of the wart that is raised above the skin will normally not hurt when you clip it because there are no nerve endings in it, but once you clear that it will hurt a bit, but only a bit.

Stop crying, apply more disinfectant, and put the bandaid on. Your done.
I just followed this procedure...I hope it goes for good.
mde guzman4 years ago
Hi, well , if ur a swimmer like me, chlorine will kill it. Also, most herbs or plants that humans use have a tendency to mess around with ur body, so GOOD LUCK!!!
tcamp4 years ago
when i was little i had 5 or 6 on all 10 of my fingers. i got tired of them and i picked mine off with my fingers. they never bleed or scared, inever had problems with them since then.
ratnator887 years ago
lol i got pissed off with a wart once and ended up cutting at it with a kraft knife
I have done the same, it grew back, the dermatologist tried. It has grown back.
About a year ago, I noticed a round, scaly, hard growth on the outside of my left ankle. Well, being a picker of flesh-wounds by nature my whole life, I picked and picked at it.  Then one day, I nicked the very top of it off while I was shaving my legs, and it bled and bled and bled. Once the scab healed, the raised scaly growth came back just like it had before.  This time I was obsessed; I knew something was out of the ordinary, and all I could think of was physically cutting out whatever the hard round orb was under my skin. At first, my mother examined it and told me it was not a wart, but a wynn (sp?) (a raised area of the epidermis filled with clear, puss-like fluid that you can pop with a pin, and it will flatten, for a while, anyway).  About a month ago, I tried this by picking apart a brand-new safety razor, sterilizing the blade, and cutting around the growth, and found that it was not a wynn, for no puss came out, but lots of bright red blood, instead.  I was certain at this point that this was a wart. I cut and cut and dug and dug under and around it, digging out all I could, leaving a big bloody pool on the floor around my foot, the white towel I used had turned scarlet, and every surrounding area for that matter was smeared with blood, as if a massacre had occurred.  After, It felt as if the wart was gone at first, then the scab formed and healed, and now, the wart is back just like it was before I did anything.  I lost my job and benefits due to the economical woes of the past two years, so I have no insurance for a professional to remove it. That is why I came to this website.  And I will sterilize and cut until the day I dig this SOB out!!!  Thx for any suggestions ya'll may have, if you have them.  I will gladly try them.
JR7376 years ago
If you have a wart that won't go away, seek professional help. Attempting to remove it by cutting can cause serious medical complications such as infection. It is dumb and unsafe to remove warts and moles by yourself.
yeah that wont do i have a BIG WART !!!! i cant remove it anybody got any ideas well i used dr.skols medicine for my little warts and yeah you have to go deeper to kill the roots yours is so small u should see mine its like 2 cm long !! god i hate it !!! ohh 1 more ? did it take of ? (by the way if any other people are w/ u the blood r like seeds if someone touched the blood a wart will grow on their hand it happened to me now i have 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look at the related videos and do the first 1 may seem stupid but it works
Merely clipping isn't enough for a deep wart. Plantar warts are the worst. You have to kill the roots in order to get rid of it permantently. A bottle of fine whiskey and a good hot soldering iron should do the trick. :)
he is right merely cliping isnt enough. do wat i did. get out the old pocket knife sharpen her up. make a square cut around the wart, tilt it, and slice underneath the roots. oh u will know when the roots have ended when blood starts pouring out of ur foot. i have done this twice now. didnt know how much blood there was goin 2 b, ruined the carpet. if u dont have a strong immune system make sure 2 clean everything b4 during and after.
oh man a couple of years back i had 3 of them in one foot that i left and hoped they would go away by themselves... well they didnt and i ended up having to get them burnt out by a doctor. ever since then i have had 3 almost 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of my foot. if you dont think that i very deep get out a ruler and compare to your foot!
Finally! Everyone I know always stares at me like I'm crazy when I say that if I've got a mole or wart or whatever, that I just cut it off. You, my friend, have just received a cookie.
jasontimmer7 years ago
I've got a great way to make this painless- get a hold of some lidocaine solution (I have my sources) and some insulin syringes (not used, of course!) Inject 2 ml underneath the wart. You've got about 30 minutes of numbness. I had my girlfriend do this for me when I had to cut open a deep ingrown hair on my elbow. I couldn't feel a thing as she sliced it open with a scalpel. Alternatively, you could hold an ice cube on the wart for a while until it went numb.
i tried this one last year on a wart on my toe. it hurt a lot and the wart grew back. I tried to cut out the root of the wart. i tried freezing it of with a kit twice. its still here
jeebee8 years ago
Put Lemon coat cut into piecies into vinegar. Keep in the dark for 7 or 8 days, then apply a piece off the lemon coat (white side in) onto the wart. Change it every day until the wart falls off by itself (may still need help in a few cases). Many plants produce a milk like liquid which dries warts. I used both solutions many times. The second solution is quicker, but may hurt a bit (burn sensation).
robdbeal jeebee7 years ago
I'd be very careful when it comes to the milky sap from most plants. The milky sap is a lot of the time a very poisonous substance. Sometimes it can cause anything from blindness to intense vomiting or even death.
jeebee robdbeal7 years ago
Yes, many do, but these plants I talked about have been known for ages to cure wasps. I've used them many times with success and no side effects.
coerul7 years ago
What's simpler and less bloody is putting apple cider vinegar on a bandaid or gauze with tape and repeat every day until the wart is gone. This is much less bloody and less painful. I don't think I could handle mutilating my skin. D:
billybob3457 years ago
yeah i did that once I cut it off with a razor blade it was fast and easy and it diden't hurt because there was not any nerve endings in the wart. but i did not go down far enough. So i used some wart remover on the open wound IT HAS TO BE OPEN or else it will not get in and disolve then a couple of days later it was gone. no more wart!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nak9 years ago
I did the same thing with a mole
oxdeltaxo nak8 years ago
Dude if that mole was cancerous you could have been taking a big risk.
zofo300 nak8 years ago
toothless nak9 years ago
You taped a mole to your wart?
Tetranitrate (author)  toothless9 years ago
Ba-dum chshh
becksvector9 years ago
Simply tape a piece of Banana skin (slippery side in) to your wart, works a treat!!