Remove a broken headphone jack from an iPhone

Picture of Remove a broken headphone jack from an iPhone
I've done this repair for lots of people so I figured I'd show how I do it. Sometimes the headphone jack breaks off and there is a long peg left you can grab with very small needle nose pliers. Most of the time the jack breaks off way down in the jack socket so there's nothing left to grab, even if you could get pliers small enough to fit in there. This technique will work even if the jack is broken off all the way at the base.

This procedure is pretty simple and only takes a couple of minutes- but it does require steady hands!
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You need a couple of simple tools-

1) A Dremel tool- the smaller rechargeable variable speed model is best but any model should work
2) A 1.0mm hart burr -available here:
3) Lots of light (good magnifiers don't hurt either!)

Remove the inside of a Bic type pen - The type where the ink tube slides out. Slightly melt the plastic end of the pens ink tube with a lighter. Melt JUST THE VERY TIP. Don't make a globby mess out of it. JUST the very end of it. Insert the ink tube into the headphone jack, press firmly and hold. Wait 2-3 minutes or until melted plastic has thoroughly cooled. Remove ink tube. If it all worked out, the tip of the headphone jack should be sticking from the end of the ink tube. I have about a 98% success rate with this.

stellal25 months ago

what if you dont have those tools is there a another way to do it without going to a expert and spending heaps of money. plz comment back

Honus (author)  stellal25 months ago
If the headphone jack is broken off at the base I don't know of any other way to remove it.