Picture of Remove the Ad from your AIM buddy list
This is my first Instructable and it's on how to remove the ad from the top of your AIM buddy list. Personally I can't stand the thing and if you can't either.. or just want to get rid of it, carry on to step one!

This image is a screenshot of my version of AIM ( As you can see the ad is gone! I also just painted over my screen name above the "Enter status message here..." text box. It's not a side effect of the Instructable. Enjoy!
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Step 1: Close out AIM

Picture of Close out AIM
Make sure AIM is not open (not just signed out). Right click the AIM icon in the lower right hand corner if it's there and click "Exit AIM".

Step 2: Editing the first file.

Picture of Editing the first file.
Open Notepad, click File --> Open, and navigate to
C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\imApp\your_version\content\bl\aolBuddyListAd.js
"your_version" is your current version of AIM, not the name of a folder =)
hit CTRL + F and search for "adcontainer" and change "collapsed=false" to "collapsed=true" .
Save the file.

Step 3: Editing the second file.

Picture of Editing the second file.
Hopefully you're still in Notepad, if not... open it again. Click File --> Open .. and navigate to
C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\imApp\your_version\resources\en-US\strings.xml

remember the note from the previous step about "your_version"
hit CTRL + F and search for "AimAdRotateInterval"

Change the values that are there for these four lines to zeros so they look like this"

<string name="bl.AimAdRotateInterval">0</string>
<string name="bl.adMagic">0</string>
<string name="bl.adHeight">0</string>
<string name="bl.adWidth">0</string>

Save the file, exit Notepad... start AIM.. and enjoy your ad-less buddy list!
my "bl" folder is empty! any reasons why that might be?
minoverette7 years ago
I'm really not a techy person so it's no big surprise I couldn't pull this one off. I keep getting a pop-up that says I can't save that file in notepad. Any ideas?
make sure you exited aim
here's the picture I forgot to upload...
it looks like you don't have java script just google it and download its free
Yeah I made sure I did that but I get this when I try to save:
NickMich (author)  minoverette7 years ago
did you check that Notepad didn't try to save it as a different file type?
I did but it won't let me save it as .txt I tried putting ".js" at the end but it still says it won't work. Thank you for replying to me :-)
sdman118907 years ago
Nice! I've always wanted to get rid of that ad but never knew how! Thanks!
NickMich (author)  sdman118907 years ago
glad to help!
im proud of u. doing stuff the hard way. revise ur instructable this way 1. Download and install pidgin 2. ?????? 3. Profit
NickMich (author)  clatterclatterbenz7 years ago
Though I appreciate your pride in me I'm leaving the Instructable as it is. This way people can see and appreciate how things work rather than resort to an automated 3rd party solution. But, to each his own.