Remove the Heat of a Pepper (not simply de-seeding!)


Step 6: A long, hard soak

Picture of A long, hard soak
For habaneros (and likely anything else as hot or hotter), the simple rub and rinse in alcohol will not be enough.
They need to soak for 3 hours or so to completely remove the capsaicin.
After 1 hour, it should have the same heat of a serrano.
After 2 hours, it will have the heat of a strong jalapeno.
After 3 or so hours, it should have little or no heat left in its flesh.

The tequila, however, will have quite a kick to it.

For the soaking, place the processed peppers in the lowball glass and fill with tequila just enough to submerge the peppers completely. Too little tequila, and the capsaicin will not be completely removed from the pepper.
If you put too much tequila, the heat will still be gone from the pepper, but the tequila will have less of a kick.

If you want some heat left in your peppers, simply don't let them soak for too long.