Remove the Heat of a Pepper (not simply de-seeding!)


Step 7: Storing

So far, I haven't had much of a chance to store them, since I eat them within a few days.
However, they seem to dry pretty well once they've been processed or even soaked. Leave them uncovered, or else they will begin to rot. Uncovered, they will breath and dehydrate, leaving you with some nice pepper skins.
If you leave them in the tequila over night, they will turn pale and taste gross. The tequila will be pretty good though.
heydavis7 years ago
Steps 2 & 3 missed a very important point: It is imperative to remove every trace of white flesh , the ribs that connected the seed core to the outer pepper shell! This is easily done by flattening the pepper and using a very sharp paring knife to slice parallel to the flesh and slightly into it under the white membranes. It is likely that the scraping technique in Step three might remove it too, but some folks might interpret it wrongly and just scrape between the white ribs (which can be extremely firery!).
One can imagine some surprising cocktails made from Step 6 liquors!
DeLorean4905 (author)  heydavis7 years ago
shoot, yeah i need to go change that- thanks! Although that was kinda the point, showing that not ALL the heat is in the seed pod... but there is a good portion of it there.