Remove some SMD parts from junk PCBs and reuse them is reasonable for hobbyist.

Step 1:

I use a plate of used razor.

It is very thin and tough.

Step 2:

Heat and melt the solder then insert the razor plate between the pin of part and foot print.

Step 3:

There are no heat stress and no damage.

And It is very easy way.


<p>This was a nice tip - thank you :)</p>
<p>I used blades from a carpet cutter which are much thicker. This is a good idea. Never thought of them (since I use an electric razor). Though I know there are used razors in the household ;-)</p>
<p>Please handle with care!</p>
<p>I know, the soldering iron is hot xD</p>
added to favourite. you should rename it to &quot; removing smd soldered parts...
<p>Hi, Hashem_Mehyar.</p><p>I have changed the title, thank you.</p>
<p>Great, this way you prevented having a misleading title, and insured having more visits, again great tip :)</p>

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