Picture of Remove the front clip from your 1979 Camaro
If you are doing some serious repairs this may be worth your while.  This will help you remove the front clip in one piece.  The front fenders, hood, inner fenders, radiator support, front bumper, radiator, condenser and front end will all come off in one piece. 
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Step 1: What you will need

3/8" socket
1/2" socket
9/16" socket
3/4" socket
Pry bar
Jack Stands
A few friends

Dare I ask what work you're doing that prompted removal of the front clip?
Skylberg (author)  Livingstrong1 year ago
A restoration of sorts. Complete front end overhaul. Replacing the subframe bushings and last but not least dropping in a fuel injected motor and electronic transmission. Then on to the interior and exterior.
Very nice! Be sure to keep us posted on how it goes. I'm currently working to get my old car back to operationall condition.