When I got my phone I got it for the mp3 player. What I didn't know is that they expected me to buy a $30 connector cable. I tried to be the smart consumer and just bought a Micro SD card with an adapter. I plugged that bad boy into my computer only to find out that it was write protected. I figured out the painfully obvious way to unlock it.

Step 1: Adapter

The adapter is the size of a normal SD. Plug the micro into the bottom.
How to format a Write Protected USB stick <p>.</p><p><a href="http://www.baatkar.com/2016/01/how-to-format-write-protected-usb-stick.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.baatkar.com/2016/01/how-to-format-write-protected-usb-stick.html</a></p><p>.</p><p>#######Thanks#######</p>
<p>this is for kids it doesn't helps out<br>i have a 32Gb micro SDHC card plugged directly in card reader and says card id write protacted there is nothing in between card and card reader no switch nothing </p>
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<p>thanx a lot a tried all the methods but it worked</p>
<p>i dont have an adapter, can i use my phone then plug it in my pc instead?</p>
<p>Remove the sd card write protection from here</p><p><a href="http://techlogitic.com/easy-steps-to-remove-write-protection-from-sd-card/" rel="nofollow">http://techlogitic.com/easy-steps-to-remove-write-...</a></p>
<p>Make sure that your micro sd card is not locked!!! </p><p>I looked everywhere for a solution, nothing worked until I realized I had flipped the little lock on the side of the adapter thinking that it was there so the little chip wouldn't fall out...it locks it into write protect mode...DOH!!!</p><p>LMAO!! </p>
<p>Sir I created an account just so I could say thank you for letting me know how dumb I was. I did the exact same thing.........*sigh*</p>
<p>Thanks it worked Fine</p><p>For SD Card</p>
<p>So I read through all these options and quite frankly none of them worked. So as a last resort I tried a LLF (with HDD Low Level Format Tool Free) and it worked. After that I formatted it again with regular windows format and problem solved. Hope it works for you. Notice!! Low Level format should be the last option on your list. YOU MUST NOT INTERRUPT THE PROCESS. IT NEEDS TO FINISH.</p>
<p>I got a 32gb gift SD micro card. The micro card worked in a phone, but would not be written in a computer with the adapter. I suspected the adapter and tried all recommendations but the one that worked was blowing into the adapter with an air can. Second time.</p>
<p><a href="http://www.fulltechblog.com/2015/07/top-7-ways-to-remove-write-protection.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.fulltechblog.com/2015/07/top-7-ways-to-...</a></p><p><a href="http://www.fulltechblog.com/2015/07/best-smartphones-you-should-buy-under.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.fulltechblog.com/2015/07/best-smartphon...</a></p>
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<p>The adapter that came with my micro sd card write protects the card. Luckily, I had another adapter so I put the sd in that and all was solved. So easy fix, try an alternate adapter before trying anything else.</p>
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<p>Well, after finally getting a hold of Nintendo, and being told I can downoad the stuff I purchased, on my NEW 3DS XL, in 5 days, I tried the memory card I got. It is a sandisk, 64 gig. It says it can not recognize it. I put the 4gig one in, that came with the system. Works right away. I looked on Nintendos site, I see 32 gig as the largest they have as working. Is that correct?</p>
<p>Well, after finally getting a hold of Nintendo, and being told I can downoad the stuff I purchased, on my NEW 3DS XL, in 5 days, I tried the memory card I got. It is a sandisk, 64 gig. It says it can not recognize it. I put the 4gig one in, that came with the system. Works right away. I looked on Nintendos site, I see 32 gig as the largest they have as working. Is that correct?</p>
<p>Yesssss! it worked thanks a million!</p><p>http://madnews.in/</p>
<p>After reading this, I decided that I had to clarify some of those commentaries. There is a saying that goes like this: &quot;Little knowledge is worse than not knowledge&quot;. When you do not know the usage of a button, it is better to shut up than to invent one for it. The lock on the adapter is to <em>lock it against &quot;unintended writing/deleting&quot; </em>- THAT IS NOT TO LOCK IT PHYSICALLY INTO PLACE. It will not get lose, so you DO NOT NEED hope it stays. <strong>It will stay</strong>. The adapter was made for that use. One more thing, what kind of voodoo is this &quot;blow into the adapter&quot;? What are the magical words you have to say after that. Real non-sense.</p><p>The micro SD has no protection against writing/deleting on its own, the ONLY WAY to achieve that is when it is inserted in the adapter and the lock is activated. So make sure that you do not accidentally delete your files when using the micro SD alone in the player/camera or else. Hope it is understood now.</p>
<p>BRAVO....you are correct !!!!</p>
<p>Nice one, but there are many more ways to remove write protection like making changes in system registry, using diskpart utility, antivirus and formatting using cmd for complete process visit, Definitely atleast one of among these will help you..</p><p>http://cloudforsk.com/how-to-remove-write-protection-from-micro-sd-card-using-cmd/</p>
<p>actually removing write protection from micro sd card is really easy. you can fix it by some settings in your system registry options. </p><p> check how this for a reference <a href="http://www.hackerlint.com/remove-write-protection-sd-card-solved/" rel="nofollow">how to remove write protection from sd card</a> hope it helps :)</p>
<p>Wowie thanks a lot - it works! I thot I'm gonna spend another bundle for a 32GB!</p><p>Cheers from Singapore!</p>
<p>Thx! I was worried my Micro SD was somehow damaged, now i succesfully formated it.</p>
<p>Surprisingly the instructables worded for me too! To help clarify, one little puff of air works - just like you were blowing off the last of the dandelion seeds off the stem. :-)</p>
<p>simply you can do it just download unlocker 1.9.2 and after installation replace no action with delete then choose ok,</p><p>pls reply</p>
<p>Type in Run window regedit and click OK</p><p>After registry editor Open Goes to the</p><p>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Storage Device Policies\</p><p>In the Right Pane Double Click on Write Protect and Type in Value 1</p><p>Write Protection is Added</p><p>For Remove Write Protection </p><p>Double Click on Write Protect and Type in Value 0</p><p>write protection will be Removed</p><p>Or Simply Download the Application Called USB Write Protector</p><p>For Enable and Disable USB Port</p><p>from http://softlinklabs.com/2013/02/usb-write-protector.html</p>
<p>No. It doesnt have ANYTHING stating &quot;Storage Device Policies&quot;... Both this info and the main article are uninformed and VERY wrong. Find a real solution.</p>
<p>Then Use Diskpart Method</p>
<p>try this step guide to remove write protected from memory card</p><p><a href="http://www.techcloud7.com/remove-write-protection-sd-card.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.techcloud7.com/remove-write-protection-...</a></p><p>or Else you can also try this article to remove password from memory card</p><p>http://www.techcloud7.com/remove-memory-card-password.html</p>
<p>wtf, it really works! </p>
<p>I blew in the computer and it spit at me! Didn't work!</p>
<p>to me adapter kaha se layu</p><p>maine sd card formatter bhi download kiya lekin kuch ho nahi raha</p>

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