When I got my phone I got it for the mp3 player. What I didn't know is that they expected me to buy a $30 connector cable. I tried to be the smart consumer and just bought a Micro SD card with an adapter. I plugged that bad boy into my computer only to find out that it was write protected. I figured out the painfully obvious way to unlock it.
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kalpeshp17 hours ago

Nice one, but there are many more ways to remove write protection like making changes in system registry, using diskpart utility, antivirus and formatting using cmd for complete process visit, Definitely atleast one of among these will help you..

Shaswat494 days ago

actually removing write protection from micro sd card is really easy. you can fix it by some settings in your system registry options.

check how this for a reference how to remove write protection from sd card hope it helps :)

Hazette16 days ago

Wowie thanks a lot - it works! I thot I'm gonna spend another bundle for a 32GB!

Cheers from Singapore!

Thx! I was worried my Micro SD was somehow damaged, now i succesfully formated it.

DeneenL26 days ago

Surprisingly the instructables worded for me too! To help clarify, one little puff of air works - just like you were blowing off the last of the dandelion seeds off the stem. :-)

simply you can do it just download unlocker 1.9.2 and after installation replace no action with delete then choose ok,

pls reply

Type in Run window regedit and click OK

After registry editor Open Goes to the

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Storage Device Policies\

In the Right Pane Double Click on Write Protect and Type in Value 1

Write Protection is Added

For Remove Write Protection

Double Click on Write Protect and Type in Value 0

write protection will be Removed

Or Simply Download the Application Called USB Write Protector

For Enable and Disable USB Port


No. It doesnt have ANYTHING stating "Storage Device Policies"... Both this info and the main article are uninformed and VERY wrong. Find a real solution.

Then Use Diskpart Method

try this step guide to remove write protected from memory card

or Else you can also try this article to remove password from memory card

MartinA21 month ago

wtf, it really works!

I blew in the computer and it spit at me! Didn't work!

HarshS12 months ago

to me adapter kaha se layu

maine sd card formatter bhi download kiya lekin kuch ho nahi raha

mickotingting2 months ago

The blowing thing did work! many thanks to this.

Contented7 months ago

When I read "Using an air can (or just your lungs) blow into the adapter" I thought it was the craziest thing I had heard in a long while. The Micro SD card was in my mobile and I had to change to a different network operator. Connecting to the new provider a message stated the card was not working (and on reflection it probably never was) so I tried to format it with the phone. No joy. Then I tried to format it with my iMac but was informed the card was effectively dud. Next to a Windows laptop whence I was informed the card was write protected, regardless of the lock switch position.

I am now watching the green line move left to right as it is formatted, having blown into the adapter prior to inserting the Micro SD card and putting the adapter into the USB card adapter - Noah passed me his laptop and it does not have an SD card slot.

Those of you who have had problems with the switch and written comments below, next time just make sure the switch is in the unlocked position and then blow into the adapter Micro SD card slot, push in the Micro SD card and format the card!

I really do not believe I have just written all this; surely it's a lot of twaddle but the card has formatted! It really did work. Thank you so much for the advice.

A.J.G Contented3 months ago

I tried everything as well and nothing worked. Finally when no one was looking, so I wouldn't look like an idiot doing what we used to do with old NES games, I decided to try and blow into the card. Popped it back in and formatted it, and it worked!

Smear with baby oil, and set next to LOW flame just enough to hear the connecticut sizzle little bit. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use super glue and tooth pick!!!! Thats the stupeid est thing I'v never heard. This "trick" works every thime because it refomatis the card like no others. I'm never noob for 5+/- years in Argentina so trust I know this Skyrim always works my father on 32gb or 68gb every times.

mhaechen.113 months ago

i thought that this trick wouldn't work for me because it sound stupid to do it, but hell! it really works. :D

ktriplej2 years ago
Yesssss! it worked thanks a million!

Which one

kara1ka1 year ago
grab some tape and put it on the lock so that it won't be able to slide. It worked for me and it will work for you. put the tape tight so that it won't be able to slide.

Actually, what happens is that when you insert the card it is not locked but the moment you put it in, slide automatically locks it and when you take the card out the slide return to unlocked position. DONT BE FOOLED BY THAT, CUZ I WAS>
Sometimes, when i didn't knew the tape method, i used to spend hours reinserting and luckily it worked sometimes but putting tape is the best method.
LenworthH kara1ka4 months ago

This person is a genius.........Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

How to please tell me

destravlr1 year ago
Folks: If you tried some proposed fix and it worked, hooray. Tell us what you did that worked. If you tried some fix and it didn't work, tell us what you did and what didn't work.
I've tried every proposed fix on this list and none have worked on my San Disk microSC card. I'm trying to download Go Pro software and disk stays write protected; so far.
FrostyE destravlr4 months ago

Feel your pain man, all I wants the latest software and nothing on here is working for me.....

ucooooopppp5 months ago

Am I the only one who laughed...?

tut tam5 months ago

After reading this, I decided that I had to clarify some of those commentaries. There is a saying that goes like this: "Little knowledge is worse than not knowledge". When you do not know the usage of a button, it is better to shut up than to invent one for it. The lock on the adapter is to lock it against "unintended writing/deleting" - THAT IS NOT TO LOCK IT PHYSICALLY INTO PLACE. It will not get lose, so you DO NOT NEED hope it stays. It will stay. The adapter was made for that use. One more thing, what kind of voodoo is this "blow into the adapter"? What are the magical words you have to say after that. Real non-sense.

The micro SD has no protection against writing/deleting on its own, the ONLY WAY to achieve that is when it is inserted in the adapter and the lock is activated. So make sure that you do not accidentally delete your files when using the micro SD alone in the player/camera or else. Hope it is understood now.

kcooke19 months ago
I have a sg3 with a 16g sandisk class 4 micro sd hc with write protection on nothening works helpppppppppp
kcooke19 months ago
I have a sg3 with a 16g sandisk class 4 micro sd hc with write protection on nothening works helpppppppppp
kcooke19 months ago
I have a sg3 with a 16g sandisk class 4 micro sd hc with write protection on nothening works helpppppppppp
kcooke19 months ago
I have a sg3 with a 16g sandisk class 4 micro sd hc with write protection on nothening works helpppppppppp
destravlr1 year ago
Must return to state that after many failed attempts with one OHM SD adapter to remove write protection by formatting the disk, I tried another adapter and the disk reformatted the first time. Old adapter is in trash.
ArtoriosRex2 years ago
I had a PNY adapter that simply refused to respect the position of the write-protection switch. However, my Transcend adapter worked fine! So if you're in this situation, try a different adapter!
Tiny dot of super glue, smear with needle or toothpick.
flemmy1233 years ago
hey there im having so much trouble with my sd card , its an 8 gig and it has alot of stuff on it i want to get rid of it all and replace it with new stuff but wen i plug my mini sd into the adapter , i can open and look at what is on the card fine but its not letting me delete anything becoz it says write protected .... SOME1111 PLEASEE HELP ME !! LOL
There should be a switch on the side of your adapter (normal sized SD card) just switch it to the other side and it should work.
Ok all you have to do is get clear tape and put it over the switch be sure the switch is up instead of down see basically what happens is when you insert the sd card in there it locks itself so to prevent that you have to unlock it and make it stay unlocked even when you put it in your computer. Be sure not to cover the gold contacts as you may result in damaging the SD Adapter.
shakthivel2 years ago
I have a 28gb SD Card I insert it on the kingston adapter and then into my computer sd port and then windows show format disk I try one software to format my SD card, when I click on format windows shows " The Memory is write protected. Please release the write protect switch." then I check if there is any problem with my adapter the I insert another card on it and I try to format it works.....that means my Adapter is fine...So, how to release the write protect switch, if there is no problem with SD Card read the card
please help me....
vignesh922 years ago
really awesome fellas.... its workin.soooooooooooooooooo happy.......:)))))))))))))
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