Remove Ticks From Human Skin With a Thread





Introduction: Remove Ticks From Human Skin With a Thread

Always bring a piece of thread when going outdoor adventures because that is what you need to pull out a tick without any pain and little chance to get infected. Watch the video for the instructions!



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    Just paint the back end of the tick with finger nail polish or some other liquid that will seal off the breathing tube on the rear of the body, they back out when they no longer have air to breathe.

    we use Vaseline, it closes the breathing tubes like the other solvents

    I demand sources. Common sense tells me an angry tick is a bad tick. Stories of this method using oil instead of nail polish are well spread where I live but lead to higher infestation rates. Might be because of the tick suffocating and vomitting while still in your skin. Also this might only works for ticks with tracheae systems while others might not even breathe at all.

    Woolley, Tyler A.: Acarology. John Wiley & Sons, 1988, ISBN 0-471-04168-8

    If you knew where those tubes really are located, if you knew how long a tick can live without using them and if you knew how nasty both the tick and the sore skin around the incision will react to nail polish or similar liqids you would definitely not spread this advice.

    The tick mouth parts are breaking off. It's not spiral.


    Twisting is more effective even though the mouth parts are not spiral.

    De Boer, R., Van Den Bogaard, A. E. J. M. [1993]. Removal of Attached Nymphs and Adults of Ixodes ricinus [Acari: Ixodidae]. Journal of Medical Entomology, 30(4), 748–752

    I myself like the general idea of freezing them off. Going to be another great item for my bugout bag. Thanks petestrash!

    Another way to do it is to take a quie tip and dip it in bleach. Rub the bleach on the tick and it the intire tick will drop off.

    Seems to me this has a good chance of twisting the body off of the head, leaving the head embedded, and increasing chance of infection... Why not?

    That would be a problem if you didn't get the thread close enough to the skin. My guess as to why it works is that you can see the tick revolving with the thread. It looks like you use the gentle but constant pressure from the rotation to twist the tick out. I could be wrong though.