This is a quick tip on how to remove burnt-on stains without much work. I use this method when conventional methods (such as Bon Ami powder) do not work. It's simple, but takes some time, depending on how bad the stain is. The steps are:
  1. Try other cleaning methods first.
  2. Add bleach and water in equal parts.
  3. Boil until stain is gone.
Pictured is the before/after results for a ceramic coated steel pot, and for a beaker.
Yeah, ventilate well and like you said it is diluted. I wonder if boiling vinegar would work?
I'm not sure boiling bleach is a good idea. http://www.ehow.com/info_10000250_dangers-heating-bleach.html
<p>That's a good point. I have accidentally made chlorine gas before (muriatic acid + bleach) and, at least in my experience, this process does not release nearly as much chlorine gas.</p><p>Also water vapor (which is the bulk component of boiling bleach) is known to counteract chlorine, reverting it to hypochloric acid (bleach, but without the sodium), so I think the risks of chlorine gas from this procedure are small.</p><p>I think the thing to watch out for is mixing the bleach with any incompatibilities in the stain. This could produce some chlorine.</p>
<p>Awesome result!</p>

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