Sometimes the fabric on the seats of your car are beyond cleaning using traditional upholstery cleaner. This Instructable will help you get your seats back to brand new condition, or at least close.

I'm doing this for the driver's seat of my 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It should apply for all models with the same seat as well as for the passenger seat.
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Step 1: Unhook wiring from below seat

On the drivers seat there is a wire connected to the bottom of the seat. This needs to be unhooked before we can take the seat out. It is secured on the top of the piece connected to the seat. Use your finger to depress the security connection and slide the adapter out.

Step 3: Remove seat

After removing all bolts, remove the seat from the vehile.

Step 4: Unhook j-hooks for the seat back

Starting with the seat back, unhook the j-hooks that meet at the base of the seat back. Pull the fabric from the front and back sides of the seat to allow the j-hooks to separate.

I don't know the proper name for these hooks and will refer to them as "j-hooks" throughout this guide.

Step 6: Release metal rods

Pull metal rods down 1.5 to 2 inches. This will release them from the their connection up top allowing you to get them out of the fabric.

Step 7: Pull fabric up

Pull fabric up as far as you can. It will not let you go farther than a couple inches below the head rest. This will reveal another metal rod going horizontal across the seat back.
next time cut the hog rings out, and re-use your listing wire. copper wire is not stiff enough to hold your covers on. get some new hog rings and a cheap hogging players and do it that way
This really helped me when I spilled paint on the passenger seat of my Explorer. Thanks a bunch!
grantaccess6 years ago
Nice instructable. Looks easy to follow and very well documented.