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The resonator box is under the passenger side headlight, it’s bolted in with two bolts; undo those and you can pull it out of the filter box.
<p>The resonator actually makes your car more powerful. It provides a expansion chamber for pressure waves to dissipate when you suddenly close the intake valve and other back pressure waves from the cylinders etc. so that when the engine does need fresh air again it's not fighting the back pressure waves. But whatever, just disregard the hundreds of engineers and people that are involved in designing a car 'cause I'm SURE you can build a car from scratch if you wanted to.</p>
This is a very informative blog. It provides techniques and information with regards to a proper and safe cold air intake of your engine. http://www.racelandus.com
Before I built my corolla, the stock intake didn't have a resonator. It was seriously no where close to having real horsepower.&nbsp;:-D

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