Removing Security Torx (Star) Screw With a Flathead Screwdriver





Introduction: Removing Security Torx (Star) Screw With a Flathead Screwdriver

Security Torx screws, the six-pointed star-shaped screw heads with the pin in the middle, are used in many digital objects to prevent tampering. Removing a security torx screw can be a hassle for those without the tool. Once, however, I broke (NOT broke into, broke) a safe in a hotel room and, not wanting them to charge me excessive amounts of money for a simple repair, decided to take it apart myself. I discovered that only a small flathead is required. Oddly, this method only works on security torx, not on non-security ones.

Step 1: Aquire Your Items

To remove a security torx screw, you will need:
1) A small flathead, depending upon the size of the torx head. It will probably be a flathead.
2) The device you are attempting to access.

Step 2: Remove the Screw

Insert your small flathead into the space within the screwdriver head as shown here, and simply turn clockwise. The screw will easily come loose. Congradulations!



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    Actually, a flat blade screw drive WILL work for taking non tamper proof torx screws out. I know. I did it during my 10+ years as an auto repair tech.

    As I was trying to use the flat-screwdriver... it actually broke the pin... used regular torx.. :-)

    I did this and the middle of the srew broke off

    So can any help me because I still need to get the srew off

    buy a cheap torx driver kit, they are like 10 bucks

    Yes, it's only $10 --- but the time is 3AM, and I am in Death Valley, and I need to get my car going.... GOT IT?

    Learned jury-rig'n from my dad while grow'n up! Excellent article people! ( I been drilling out the centers on S-Torix screws! "Duh"?) I will definitely post when finished. Les doy las gracias!!

    Worked like a charm; as a matter of fact the first one came out with a small flathead and the second one I broke the pin and was able to use my torx bit! Thanks for the great idea, never would have thought about it!

    Hello. Which size screwdriver do u need for this to work on a PS4 security screw? plz help

    Re the diagram, to summarize, if possible, chip the center stud out and insert a flat blade across 6 to 12 o'clock. Otherwise, try for 6 to 2 o'clock. On most cheap assemblies, the screw will loosen anti-clockwise. Step #2, replace with equal size Allen socket head, Hex or Phillips head screw.