Step 2: Remove the screw

Insert your small flathead into the space within the screwdriver head as shown here, and simply turn clockwise. The screw will easily come loose. Congradulations!
<p>Great tip, Thanks</p>
<p>Just bought a 33 security bit set from Screwfix for &pound;1.69.</p>
<p>My question is, has anyone found a hack for these screws that are used on a vehicle? Mine hold the multifunction switch to the steering column and have a lot of torque applied. Ty</p>
<p>thats how you break outa jail</p>
<p>won't work if screw is too small (torx security 07 for example). I broke my little screwcriver trying that... Maybe you need a VERY solid screwdriver but I guess it's still best to buy the proper screwdriver :)</p>
<p>Worked for me! However, my screws were counter clockwise to remove. Thanks for saving me from having to buy a security torx bit set! </p>
<p>did you mean counter clockwise?</p>
<p>security screws turn right</p>
<p>Hahaha...awesome! Worked like a champ. Thanks!</p>
<p>Is this for any screw? I want to know how to do it for the ps3</p>
<p>Thank you for this idea. It worked so well. Thanks again.</p>
<p>if you do not have small enough flat head. you can use a razor blade from a box cutter. its more tedious. but thats how i take my ps3 apart.</p>
<p>It'is very useful trick. Thanks a lot.</p>
<p>Thanks. Done</p>
<p>Fantastic!Thanx a lot. :)</p>
<p>clockwise is turning it RIGHTY ! (righty thighty ????)</p>
I tried it with the small screwdriver, as I was not able to find the security bit in a small enough size for my laptop back (needed for a memory upgrade.) It was torqued down hard, and the post broke off! Now needed a much larger screwdriver to fit all the way across from edge to edge.
you can also take a punch and a hammer and break the center pin out of the screw , doesn't very much pressure at all!
didn't know that, where would I even run into these screws anyway
Good idea quinxorin. I drilled a hole in my Torx driver big enough to take the pin. It is easier to do this with a drill press, but it can be done with a handheld drill. Cutting a notch out of a flathead screwdriver also works for flathead or combination screws.
If you can acquire an actual Security Torx Allen wrench, congratulations! They are normally sold in anti-theft license plate fastener kits. I recommend turning most screws counter-clockwise to loosen (widdershins).
&nbsp;Clockwise to unscrew?
Its righty tighty, lefty lousy
not always though
That is true. Most left-hand screws are used when there is a torque (twist effort) in a counter clockwise rotation... that will cause a bolt to come loose...
Righty tighty Lefty loosey is true 9/10 times, but some special screws, like security screws, are backwards.
The prison method is to heat up the back end of a plastic toothbrush until it is soft, push it into the screw and wait for it to solidify. Voila! Custom screwdriver.<br />
Tried that already. Unfortunately it was not strong enough to remove screws from a HDD Platter.
i wish i had tryed this when i was takeing that microwave apart
me too<br />
i tried to drill out the center
I just bought some security torx bits from sears<br />
i should do that i need to take apart more mircowaves to make a tig wleder
i for one already know how to do this but i think you can provide quite a few more pics to help other people understand
With the best will in the world - Turn the screw driver anti-clockwise to undo!<br />
LOL - a little editing required there...<br />
That's a useful trick. I'll have to remember that for my next gadget teardown.<br /> <br /> I bet it could work for non-security screws by finding a flathead screwdriver that fits between two notches (the points of the star) opposite from each other, or relatively opposite. Just somewhere to wedge it in there.<br />

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