Introduction: Removing a Lego Keychain

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Here, we will revisit removing a keychain from a lego minifigure. While there are other methods, here is how we perform the deed. Once you have traversed to your nearest lego store, over 100 miles away if necessary, and selected your minifigure keychain you're ready to begin. The important tool in this method is a soldering iron. Any clamp that can secure the chain should work. The little one in the yellow shirt running away is mine too. I think he just saw the Jawa Sandcrawler!

Step 1: Prep Your Minifig

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First, you need to get your minifigure ready for keychain removal. I like the Irwin brand quick clap, but a vise or similar device will also work. Clamping on the ring is my preferred method.

Step 2: Apply Heat

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Next, I apply heat from a soldering iron. I place the tip of the iron in the ring closest to the figurine's head. In this demonstration the iron is set to 40watts and held for about 40 seconds. After this short period of time, I twist and pull the minifigure. The stud slides out easily.

Step 3: Play

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After the screw/stud is removed you may have to reassemble your minifig. Then play and have fun!

The legs might be Kra Gl e 'd in. But that keeps little boys from making a construction Ewok worker!


LegoHalo5 (author)2014-07-23

Ah looks so much like Austin!

LegoHalo5 (author)2014-07-22

Austin Tx right?

r_anderson_c (author)LegoHalo52014-07-23

This store was Cincinatti OH

Great way to get some unusual minifigs!

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