Removing price tags from books - 3 methods comparison

Picture of Removing price tags from books - 3 methods comparison
Everybody hates when price tags can't be completely removed from books. Sometimes it can be removed neatly without leaving any residue but more often at least some of residue stays and sticks to fingers, paper...

I tried to remove sticky tags with heat, alcohol and acetone.
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Step 1: Method 1: Heat

Picture of Method 1: Heat
I used hairdryer to heat sticker. This is said to be useful for removing stickers from cars, windows etc. This works by heating glue on the lower side of the paper so it can be peeled easier.

It did help in removing paper but the surface of the book still remained sticky.

Step 2: Method 2: Alcohol

Picture of Method 2: Alcohol
Alcohol helped very little in removing residue. It made small balls of residue so it could be removed easily but the book surface still remained sticky.

Step 3: Method 3: Acetone - WINNER

In the end I used acetone (well actually enamel remover without acetone, but actually more or less same stuff). I put a small amount of it on a cotton ball and rubbed place where the tag was. It worked perfectly! No residue any more just smooth book surface. I used damp cloth to clean area and then dried it.

Now I could move to the front cover and remove 2-for-1 tag. I simply rubbed it with cotton ball damped in enamel remover and it peeled instantly. Later I just pressed cotton ball over the sticker and it got damp and could be removed in one piece.

No residue left and no harm to color.
Dr Qui4 years ago
Nice Ible.

Try Hagesan sticker remover, it does a great job on removing stickers and labels.