Removing Stickers/labels/price Tags With Out Sticky Residue





Introduction: Removing Stickers/labels/price Tags With Out Sticky Residue

Quick and easy should work with any solid none porous material.

Step 1: Find Your Stuff and Get Started

You will need:
Cotton balls
Rubbing alcohol
Small container

Put a few cotton balls (enough to cover the sticker) in the container pour rubbing alcohol onto cotton balls just enough to be soaked up.

Step 2: Soak the Sticker

Place cotton balls over the sticker, let them soak in for 5 to ten minutes work on your Lacrosse skills or just read a book what ever its your time.
When the times up remove the cotton balls and put them back in the little container (or burn them)
The act of removing cotton balls should cause the sticker to start to come off.
Pull it off it should be no harder then pulling a sticky note off its pad if the sticker dose fight back soak it for longer and try again
Wipe off the alcohol with a cotton ball that should also get any residue that is left.

Enjoy your sticker free product. This was a Vary short instructable because there noting to it, if for what ever reason you have any problems leave a comment.



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White vinegar worked best for us.

Nice instructable. Thanks.

cant you use a heater to de-stickyise (if thats a word) the glue

sorry i meant to say with a bit of steam, and the steam doesnt need to be that hot

actually steam is always hot beacause it is next to plasma which doesnt exist on earth and steam is proabably always past 100 degrees celcius

I use cold steam to remove sticky residue all the time!

Hay I did this a my plastic cup started melting the cracked because of the achohol. I'm gonna sue you!!!!!!!!!! lol