Picture of Removing stickers/labels/price tags with out sticky residue
Quick and easy should work with any solid none porous material.

Step 1: Find your stuff and get started

Picture of Find your stuff and get started
You will need:
Cotton balls
Rubbing alcohol
Small container

Put a few cotton balls (enough to cover the sticker) in the container pour rubbing alcohol onto cotton balls just enough to be soaked up.
Machine1 year ago
Nice instructable. Thanks.
FrozenIce4 years ago
collard417 years ago
cant you use a heater to de-stickyise (if thats a word) the glue
heat might melt some plastics Maybe holding it over a tea pot.
sorry i meant to say with a bit of steam, and the steam doesnt need to be that hot
actually steam is always hot beacause it is next to plasma which doesnt exist on earth and steam is proabably always past 100 degrees celcius
I use cold steam to remove sticky residue all the time!
you can use lighter fluid as well
Mattrox6 years ago
Hay I did this a my plastic cup started melting the cracked because of the achohol. I'm gonna sue you!!!!!!!!!! lol
haha. it didn't work  to me. too bad. T_T
Finally! I try everything to get adhesive off and it always makes me mad! thank you!
wsround7 years ago
WD0 does just as good with less work
DIY Dave7 years ago
I use WD-40
klee27x7 years ago
Amateur. :) Peel sticker while scraping with a razor blade. Give a couple more swipes with the razor, and glass is sparkling clean. If there's any residue left over, a touch of acetone on a bit of paper towel will take care of it.
ikoda7 years ago
Um. For me. When I have sticky residue or pieces of the paper still stuck. I use an eraser until it comes of. It works. You could try it out too.