Picture of Removing the fuel vapor canister from your California Harley
This instructable is meant as a simple guide to properly removing the fuel vapor canister from your California Harley and installing the replacement hose. It requires very few tools, parts are less than $20, and can easily be done in an hour or two. It also served as a neat first-of-many-mods for me. I will post follow ups as I continue working on my bike.

This canister is only present on California bikes due to more strict regulations than the rest of the states. As such, the canister was added by Harley as more of an afterthought and the connected hoses are secured by exposed zip-ties. Removal of this unnecessary component cleans the appearance of the bike noticeably. This does not affect performance in any way.

The resource I used as a guide for this process was on a HD forum here: 

-- Disclaimer! -- The purpose of this canister is to filter your gas tank's vapors before releasing them into the atmosphere. I am not sure how well regulated having this component is in California. Currently, motorcycles do not require smog checks so I do not know how I could ever get in trouble for removing the canister. I will post up on here if anything happens.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
The following are the parts that I ordered online:

Harley P/N 10113: CLIP, DOUBLE HOSE

The links are go to the Chicago Harley site and the total was not too bad even with the shipping to the west coast. I actually did not use the retaining clip but I suppose it may be useful for some models. You can probably procure these parts locally for less money or find alternative parts at a hardware store.

In addition, you will need some metal snippers or equivalent for cutting zip-ties, some metal grips or pliers, and a set of Allen keys.
pjohnson202 years ago
Is replacing the tank hose really necessary, or did you just do that to get the hose off the front frame?

Great Instructable, btw! I plan on removing mine today and this was a great help with visuals.
nonoodlez (author)  pjohnson202 years ago
The bike is long gone (I went vintage) and I don't precisely remember every step but I do remember that it all made sense as I was doing it.

If you get stuck or have a hard time at it, check out the link to the original resource I used.
NursEd2 years ago
This is great. I need to do this on my V-star 650.
abadfart2 years ago
i removed this on my bike along with the radiator... at 35mph.
nonoodlez (author)  abadfart2 years ago
I sure hope you're all right!
i will be... i have 7 pins, 16 stitches and over 8 fractures all in my right foot. when i hit my foot got pined with all my weight on the break. but the front end of my shadow is all one piece now where the forks are wrapped around the engine. this all sounds bad but the doctors say i am one of the luckiest people he has ever seen and its all because i wont get on my bike without my safety gear.
jg45674 years ago
well sir I thought your instructions where well done and easy to understand, the Harley dealership wanted to charge me three hundred dollars to remove my canister. With your instructions I don't think it will be a problem at all. Nice bike by the way.
yoyology5 years ago
You have at least one photo (the main image for Step 1) with notes boxes stacked on top of each other. This makes it impossible to view the smaller boxes, as mousing over the larger one to get to them hides them from view.
nonoodlez (author)  yoyology5 years ago
Yeah, I annotated the larger box and just used the two smaller ones inside of it to highlight the other parts. If that is confusing then I can just remove the two smaller ones...
MrColtonJ5 years ago
What purpose dose the fuel vapor canister serve?
nonoodlez (author)  MrColtonJ5 years ago
It just keeps your tank from releasing gasoline fumes into the atmosphere. This is only an issue in California where exhaust regulations are much more strict than the rest of the states. The canister is not present if you purchase your bike anywhere outside of California.
Clayton H.5 years ago
what kind of Harley is that? My dad wants a motorcycle and this is sorta what he wants
nonoodlez (author)  Clayton H.5 years ago
I have a 2010 Dyna Street Bob. It is a perfect bike for me and I absolutely love it.