Want the look of new shoes without the cost? I didn't feel like spending another $60 for a new pair that would probably get ruined in a matter of months and I really wanted to have a pair of white shoes that i wouldn't worry so much about getting dirty.

This instructable will show you how to revamp those old shoes for a new look. And for just around $5, its the perfect solution for an empty wallet and the kid who doesn't like to get rid of old, ugly shoes.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

Old shoes
Small Paint Brushes
Palette or something to mix paint on
Acrylic Paint (color of choice)
Fabric Painting Medium*
Household Cleaner Spray or Cleaning Wipes**
      + bleach or ajax to clean white laces

You can easily get the paint and paint brushes at any craft store for about $5 altogether.

*Make sure that you get enough bottles of paint and mixing medium for the project. Its usually a 2:1 paint to medium ratio. 1 bottle of each ended up being enough for me though.

**The spray/ wipes are just to clean the shoes a little before painting so that the paint goes on smoother and with less coats.

Or maybe don't buy 100% white shoes the next time you shop...<br />
Cool! I didn't even know there was such a thing as fabric painting medium. I'll have to get some of that - it makes acrylic paint useful for so many more projects. <br />
&nbsp;Great job!&nbsp;

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