Just like tires, worn out Velcro- backed sanding disks can be given a second life by gluing fresh stock onto their dull surfaces. This Instructable will demonstrate a reliable and inexpensive way to refresh your old ones so they may perform better than new in some cases.

Step 1: How to Proceed

Begin by making a template based on the desired size and marking the material out, in this case I wanted 5” (127 mm) rounds. I purchase inexpensive bargain box mill- ends from an abrasive house and use this top- quality stock for all my disk sanding needs, as well as square ¼ sheet random style and also hand sanding blocks. I’m never without the proper grit I need at any time day or night.

<p>Neet little tip for any caulking tube is to use an electrical wing nut cap (used to join and insulate 2 or more wires together). Easy, fast and twists on securely. Available almost anywhere hardware is sold.</p>
<p>Nice work. The tip for de-clogging caulking cartridge tips alone was worth the price of admission! I will use that from now on. Thanks!</p>
<p>Thanks, I picked that one up somewhere, sometime in life. <br>You really can find plugged tubes 1/2 full or better, usually from a home <br>remodel/ repair site, many guys just pop in a new one rather than mess with <br>working the stoppage out with a screwdriver, drill bit etc.</p>

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