Introduction: Renewing/protecting Bamboo Carpets

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I am allergic and very sensitive to the cold, so I'd better not use "traditional" wool or cotton, but I hate to put my feet down on cold floor, so a really good compromise are bamboo carpets. They could be clean with normal vacuum cleaner and mop.

Unluckly, my two carpets (kitchen and bathroom) were ruined due use.

So, when I bought water flatting for my kitty's house, I thought I coulod use it even for the carpets. It was a good idea :)

Step 1: Materials

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What you'll need:

  • the carpet
  • a brush
  • water flatting (I've used the one that's suitable for the bridges of the boats)
  • sand paper
  • nitrate thinner

Step 2:

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Clean your carpet really well. Use the mop with normal floor detergent, then with only water. Rub it with nitrate thinner, that will clean it really well.

Rub fine paper sand to clean it further and to make the surface a little rough.

After this you have to clean the carpet again to get rid of the dust. Use only water and you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3:

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Using a brush, paint the carpet with water flatting.

Give one layer, wait 30-60 minutes (the layer should be dry), then give one more layer, wait and give the last layer.

Let the carpet dry for a day.

Do not forget to clean the brush really well.

Step 4:

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It's done! Your carpet is shiny as new!

I've recentely bought a bamboo carpet for my bedroom. Before using it, I coated it with water flatting to protect it. It's more shiny and it seems cleaner :)


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-17

Awesome way to keep your carpets lasting longer! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you :)

lindarose92 (author)2014-08-16

I used to have that kind of carpets too and I never thought of doing this! I will keep it in mind! :)

MicioGatta (author)lindarose922014-08-16


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