Picture of Repaint and Water Cool Your Laptop
I'm sure that many of you have a six or seven year old laptop collecting dust. But why let it sit there when you could transform it into the coolest(no pun intended) laptop on the block?

During this guide you will learn how to paint your old laptop, put any image you like on it, and water cool it for good measure.

First of all, I want to thank Jack Ruby for his water cooled laptop, which was my inspiration to do this.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Here are the materials I used:

- 2 1/4" X 3" X .2mm copper sheet
- About 5 feet of 5/16 OD X 3/16 ID clear vinyl tubing
- Lots of 5 minute epoxy
- Small pump- I used this one
- 2X nylon barbed T's, 1/4 inch
- 2X nylon barb to screw adapter, 1/4 inch
- Electric wire
- Electric tape
- USB cable
- Stock Athlon CPU heatsink
- J B Weld
- Small Motherboard Northbridge heatsink
- Thermal paste
- Spray paint for plastic, your color of choice
- Clear glossy acrylic spray
- Medium grit sand paper
- Laptop LCD hinges
- Assorted screws
- Dense 5/8 inch or so thick foam
- Masking tape
- Block of wax
- Modeling clay
- 3/4 inches of thin PVC pipe
- 6 inches of 1/4 ID 3/8 OD vinyl tubing


- Hot glue gun
- Screw driver
- 2 clamps
- Rotary tool with cutting and brushing heads
- 6 volt battery
- Pliers
- Scissors
- Wire strippers
- Box cutter/ craft knife
- Drill
- Drill Press
- 5/16 inch drill bit
- Metal cutting oil
- Goggles
- Soldering Iron + solder

Step 2: Preparing the Laptop for Painting

Picture of Preparing the Laptop for Painting
Before you actually go to painting your laptop, there are a few things you need to do to prepare it. First of all, completely disassemble your laptop, including the screen. Remove the plastic covers from all the drive bays. Separate any buttons from the main body of the laptop. When you are taking it apart, it is helpful to keep screws next to their corresponding parts. Also remove anything stuck to the body of the laptop, such as stickers and rubber feet.
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Sorry for posting on a dead thread, but I can't find what pump you used. The link takes me to Kid Wind's homepage. Can you tell me what pump you used?

Thanks for the great ideas, I had read Jack's "ible" first then found yours. Both of these have got me thinking. My Dell 1500 runs hot enought to scald you at idle. Ofcourse this is of my own doing :p. I have been leeching max performance out of it's processor with a few hacks. The prolem with water cooling is size. And keeping all of the components concealed. I'm using a sink with a clip on fan from a 98 Dell, I have soldered a copper tube running through it in various places with a small 5 volt winshield washer pump to move the liquid. The fan runs on 5 volts as well, but my design is completely removable. Everything is powered by 2 of the 4 usb ports, and the unit secures to the back of the screen with velcro. The heat sink fins fit suprisingly well through the plastic cpu cover on the back of my computer, making it easy to slide on and off whenever I need it.
sounds like a great system, would make a good instructable in itself
zack2474 years ago
here's just a thought, instead of having the foam pads on the bottom and worrying about tubes and hoses get some plexiglass or plastic and make a shell that screws onto the bottom of the laptop to keep it all concealed...
isaaclo4 years ago
sweet hack...
hayden29085 years ago
hmm I should try this with my dell inspiron 1150 =P it runs at about 65 degrees Celcius when idling lol!
i have a dell inspiron 1100 and it run hot enough to burn you if it sits on your lap too long
lol same here. i have a 1100 and it gets to about 70°C under a SuperPI load, but about 58°C when i'm webbrowsing and listening to music.
 too late the CPu burnt out yesterday after the fan stopped working >=O
that sucks. at least it is a cheapish laptop and not something like an alienware.
but alienware is top of the line. its never meant to overheat
Its not top of the line anymore bro :)  ever since dell bought them, they ahve started using cheap parts and have crappy customer service.
whaaaaaaaaaatttt?? i never knew dell bought out alienware! jerks, they got rid of one of the more usable computers! i have a dimension 4500, and hardly alive!
They aren't bad computers, they trick is to buy them low configuration and add in parts yourself, it saves money.
I don't know about factory alienwares, but I forgot to mention above that my brother did custom build his computer. It is just an alienware case. And no it does not save money at all. My brother spent about $4000 a couple years ago to build his. Due to constant upgrades, computers almost always become outdated within a couple weeks of being released.
well thats what dell does.
Believe me i know my bro has one. but you never know i mean there could be a faulty fan that u don't notice.
acer travelmate 2300's arent very good either. where the cpu is, the laptop almost gets hot enought to melt the plastic! it's already distorting from the heat!
junits154 years ago
what are the specs on that laptop?
noingwhat4 years ago
Pretty cool idea, I wish I could do it, but I am not quite ready yet to cut a big huge hole in the bottom of my laptop. Too bad, my laptop overheats all the time and this would have been perfect!
theres no hole cut in the laptop, he just didn't put the cpu cover back on
Ahh... my laptop doesn't have a CPU cover, so I had just assumed that he cut a hole.
noingwhat4 years ago
If you had your laptop opened up anyway, you probably could have just soldered the wires onto the USB jack, instead of making a plug for it and rendering the USB jack useless. If you did it that way, you would just have to be careful that you do not plug anything powerhungry into that jack, such as an ipod, or phone.
ben_k (author) 4 years ago
Slight update, I stuck in a new DVD drive a while back, and installed Ubuntu on this. The pump also got jammed for a little bit, but I pulled apart the loop and fixed that as well.
6 year old laptop?? thats not old.. i still have a 10 year old laptop lying in my room..
10 years old? i have a 15 year old mactop
ben_k (author)  SharonLovesCB4 years ago
I used to have some that were about that old if not even older- they ran 250mhz pentiums and windows 95. The thing about them though is that there is absolutely no point water cooling them, as the produce pretty much no heat whatsoever.
TSC4 years ago
zack2475 years ago
ah, the erector set. i use those sets for everything except building toys. i use too much of that stuff in my computers, every custom or radical build i do has at least 5 pieces in it. (whether it be for attaching the fan to the heatsink, mounting te mobo, or even holding the entire case together!
lemonie5 years ago
Wow, how far have you overclocked this? L
ben_k (author)  lemonie5 years ago
I haven't had a chance to yet. Stupid windows isn't working. I haven't registered the copy, so I can't log in, but when I click register, it just says it has already been registered! I just need an external cd drive, then I'll install windows 7 on it.
I have an old CD of windows XP, it works, just doesn't update anymore. $10.
ben_k (author)  Yerboogieman5 years ago
i have a disk, just no COA.
Code of Allegiance?
ben_k (author)  Yerboogieman5 years ago
Certficate of authenticity. It's a sticker that comes with windows, and it has the 25 caracter windows activation code on it. You probably have one stuck to your computer somewhere if you run windows.
ben_k (author)  Yerboogieman5 years ago
So do I. I just got a new mtherboard and a phenom II 710 Wednesday.
I have a legitimate copy it is just one of those that businesses and companies use.
is it OEM? OEM are cheaper than normal windows copy but if you change pc YOU CAN'T use windows in the new pc,is illegal! if you buy a (not-OEM)copy of windows you can install (and activate)your license in ONE pc at time(you can change pc but not install it on more than one at the same time). i know windows policy suxx,in servers is worst,20000 type of licenses that none know wtf means!
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