Step 3: Stripping The Bike Frame

Picture of Stripping The Bike Frame
For stripping the bike, what I used was an environmentally friendly paint stripper. I used it because it was safer for me and the environment.

Once the stripper is dry (paint stripper that is), scrape it off with a scraping tool or a paint roll cleaner (I used the roll cleaner because it had a curve on it).
bex0r2 years ago
have you taped the chrome here to protect it? will the stripper damage/varnish the chrome?
ewbanh2 years ago
I highly recommend getting one of these multi-tools for stripping the paint off:


If that link ever dies it is called a 6 in 1 multi-tool with blade. I was using just a flat putty knife and it was going slow, but then I found one of these lying around and I probably saved myself at least an hour. I wouldn't do it again without one.
Awesome paint job! I hope I'll be able to do my bike that well (for the first time). And good instructable. I'm currently stripping a bike, but the brush-on paste/gel I got from Ace Hardware (their in-house brand) only blistered and took off patches of paint. I spent an hour finishing off the forks. So I'm wondering how long it took you to strip the paint, because I'm looking at at least 7 more hours of stripping! Believe me, I gooped on the stripper and let in dry. It just doesn't seem to want to work on the remaining paint (when I stripped what I could and did a second coat). First I use the scraper, then a wire brush, and finish with steel wool. A lot of tools, but it seems to get all the paint off.
Dr.Paj (author)  crowdsourced6 years ago
It took me maybe an hour or two with two people going at the paint. The paste I used took off the red paint that was added after the original bike was constructed. The yellow paint under it was more difficult to remove.
Hi, I love the paint techniques! Can you tell me what you used to cover the head badge with? And did it work to really keep it clean? I'm thinking of painting a vintage Raleigh that I would want to really protect the badge of... Thanks so much for showin' your tricks!
Depending on the bike, for instance the '87 Schwinn Le Tour I'm working on now, you can unscrew the badge. My Le Tour had two small flat head screws.
Dr.Paj (author)  copycatfilms7 years ago
Thank you, I used 3M blue painters tape. I covered more than just the emblem, but then I cut around the emblem with a utility blade (an X-acto blade works too). This covered the emblem quite well and made sure that the tape was on well before starting.
2tone6 years ago
Hey I was wondering where you get that stuff (ready strip) and about how much does it cost? I checked Home Depot and they dont carry it
I saw this kind at Ace hardware.