Step 3: Preparing the parts for painting

Picture of Preparing the parts for painting
After you have removed all the accessories, it is best to take the frame apart. What I mean is to take the handle bars off and remove the front fork and pull out the seat post. This makes it alot easier to paint everthing.
After you have broken the frame down go about removing all the old decals and decorations from the bicycle, like the head badge if it has one. A razor blade comes in handy for removing the decals, either use to peel up an edge or it push comes to shove use it as a scerper. Next you well want to sand down all the rust on the frame and clean the bicycle, I use paper towel soaked in rubbing alchole and wipe every thing to remove the sanding dust and grease.
The last step before painting is to mask things off what you do not want to get paint on, like the crank bearing cups in the bottom bracket, and also the head stock bearing cups, I usally just remove these though.
bassbone_mh4 years ago
Good information; however, "will" is not spelled "well". On a positive note, good pictures. Thanks!
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This guys spelling needs help