I just got back from my annual 5 day backpacking trip and on the last day, I managed to get part of my sleeping bag stuck in the zipper and it tore!  I knew if I left it, all the down stuffing would come out and there would be feathers everywhere!  Fortunately, the fix was very simple, all you need is a sleeping pad patch!
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Step 1: Locate the hole

If you have feathers flying out of your sleeping bag, this might be more difficult.  Fortunately, I was able to fix the tear right after it happened, so I didn't have to spend hours combing over every inch of my sleeping bag.  I've had to do that before and it's a huge pain.  Shove as many feathers back inside as possible and then smooth out as many wrinkles as you can.
sidmarx11 months ago
U should cut the patches' corners to make it round or else the corners start to peel with use. (re. bike tire...)
Danger is my middle name (author)  sidmarx11 months ago
Good idea! If I had scissors handy at the time, I would have probably done that.