This Instructables show how to repair a scissors that the finger ring is broken.

I have a pair of scissors that over ten years old. One day, I found one of the finger ring broken but the blade still works. I am not willing to throw it away, at that moment, I found 10 Unusual Uses for Paperclips.

I think I can repair my scissors by paperclips.

Step 1: Preparation

  • a broken scissors
  • 2 larger size paperclips

Step 2: Straighten the Paperclips

Use a pliers straighten the paperclips into 2 wires.

Step 3: Twist 2 Wires Together

Twist 2 wires at the center part and make it parallel for both pairs of wire end.

Step 4: Shape the Wire

Shape the wire into a finger ring.

Step 5: Fix Wires to the Scissors

Use a pliers bend all wire ends and fix it to the broken finger ring.

Step 6: Happy Repairing!

Enjoy the repaired scissors with further tens of years.

Good idea for an emergency repair. But you deserve a new pair of scissors! :) Thank you for sharing.
Actually, I have bought new scissors before fix it. But like to use this scissors too much, so I try to fix it. After fix it, it look more stylish and make me more like it!<br>(=゚&omega;゚)ノ

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