I recently took a trip to Idaho, and I hit up Sun Valley. Beautiful mountain, but quite steep, elevation is almost 12k feet, and not completely noob friendly lol. Long story short I wiped out smashed my head on the floor, hat and google went flying off somewhere and my SkullCandy Icon 2 headphones I purchased 2 days prior where now in 2 pieces. With skullcandy headphones, you can send broken ones back to the company and they will give you a coupon for half off a new pair, really not a bad deal considering, but they are totally fixable. 

Step 1: What You're Going to Need...

At first I attempted to use that 5 min plastic epoxy that comes in the duel syringe(loctite brand), but it didn't hold at all, I guess the plastic epoxy can't bind to ABS plastic or whatever the headphones are mad of. To fix them I needed to use a stronger adhesive and devise a way to alleviate the pressure on the adhesive when the headphones are flexed.

What you're going to need:

Your broken headphones.
thin metal rods, I used cut up pieces of the metal from a binder clip, you could use finishing nails or whatever you can find.
a drill bit the approximate diameter of your metal rods
JB kwik weld

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