Hi, this is my first ible!
I bought these Water Dancing Speakers a year ago, and they worked great. But for some reason, one of the speakers broke, and the water inside it was emptied. I checked online for a solution but found no threads or instructions on how to repair them. So, if you're like me, I hope this helps!

Step 1: Tools You'll Need:

Here are the tools I used:
-An electric drill with a 1.2mm bit
-A syringe with a needle
-A philipps screw driver
-Epoxy/a waterproof sealant

Step 2: Disassemble the Speakers

Mine has 4 screws outside and 5 more inside. The board essily slid out and so as the transparent plastic part with the motor. The only part held down was the speaker. After removing the speakers, you can work more freely.
Just unscrew 2 more holding the motor in place and we're good.

Step 3: Refilling

I first drilled a hole 1.2 mm wide under the box. After drilling, I filled up the syringe, inserted it to the box, and than injected. It took me about 5 refills with my syringe. Just lay the other speaker(if it's not broken as well), beside the one you're fixing and use it as a guide.

Step 4: Sealing the Hole You Just Made

I sealed the hole with a two-part epoxy. You may use a sealant or caulk as long as it stays on and doesn't leak. Let it dry.

Step 5: Reassembly

NOTE:When reassembling, align the magnets on the rotor of the motor to the wheel's inside the transparent box.

I simply reassembled it after the sealant dried and you're good to go. Make sure you place all the parts correctly, because the lid might crack easily. They're still upside-down just to let the sealant dry more.

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I hope this was helpful. Thank you!
Any suggestions on how to fix this? Went to plus the speaker in and noticed the thing missing, opened it up to find it has come off. Can i glue it back on or is it broken?<br>
I just repurpose mine and added a battery pack
I just repurposed mine
<p>can you take circuit pictures , i want to do that myself ;)</p>
Where can I get A syringe with a needle
Hi cris. Great job! I'm a proud owner of the water dancing speakers too. I was wondering if you knew what type of plastic they are i want to resurface mine and Im not sure. I want to be sure before as to not compromise the speakers they are hard to find. Ty for your help<br>
<p>for me its just the power fan</p>
<p>What liquid do you use to refill the speaker? Drink didnt workout...</p>
<p>The original liquid's called Mineral Oil. I used water, but it doesn't work that well. You can get it from a drug store, or you can try clear baby oil.</p>
<p>Nice fix dude, worth adding to the <strong>fix &amp; repair contest</strong></p>
Thank you, sir!
hey add it to a contest!

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