Repair Broken Luggage Wheels With Duct Tape





Introduction: Repair Broken Luggage Wheels With Duct Tape

Update: This Instructable was featured on! Visit the article here.

The wheel on my favorite carry-on bag had a chunk come off of it one one trip and it wasn't too many trips later that the plastic part of the wheel came off completely, leaving behind the little metal core that housed the bearings. This left me scraping through the terminal and carrying the bag through anyone's house as to not leave a trail of scrape marks behind me. Other than the wheel the bag was in fine shape so I hated to throw the thing away. Here's what I did to repair it. You can see this repair and more than 300 others at my website at

Step 1: Bum Wheel

Here's what I eventually was left with on my carry-on bag--a bum wheel. It changed the meaning of carry on to "always carry" because the thing sat crooked and was obnoxiously noisy too. Now, if you only have a chunk out of your wheel like I did originally you may need to go ahead and put the thing out of it's misery and just pry off the rest of the wheel so you are left with a round base. I don't think you can do anything with the lumpy wheel unless you want to try to build it up with something but that's for another instructable.

Step 2: Wrap the Metal Core With Strips of Duct Tape

If your wheel is missing like mine, and what you have is uniform shaped:
Start a tear in the duct tape so that the strip is just the right width to cover the wheel. You can tear off about two revolutions of the duct tape and then it begins to get too narrow. For me I was able to get three strips from one width of duct tape. Wrap up the wheel until it is the same diameter as the other wheel.

If your wheel is lopsided:
In the case of a lopsided wheel you'll need to either break off the remaining wheel or return the wheel to round shape (which is a whole other deal) if you're going to repair it the way I did.

Step 3: Bevel Edges If Necessary

My final wheel was a bit square and it rubbed on the frame of the bag so I beveled off the edges with a carpet knife.  Be careful not to cut yourself.

Step 4: Add a Final Layer of Electrical Tape for Looks

I added a layer of electrical tape to cover up the beveled edge of the duct tape so it wouldn't be so sticky as it rolled along and to make it black, like the other wheel.  I'd apply the tape in the direction so the natural direction the wheel rolls will want to help the tape stay on versus wanting to lift it up.

Step 5: Ready to Roll, Again

Now you've breathed life into your old bag. If you like this instructable please visit my website at for more fun repairs :)



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    Awesome! I love your sense of continuing to use something, not just throwing it away because it's "easier" just to buy a new bag. I feel that our society as a whole has become to used to the idea of "disposable". Great fix, and great Ible.

    Thanks for the feedback. I see stuff like this as a fun opportunity to come up with a solution, write about it, and interact with people on all the other ideas I could have used to solve it!

    Thanks so much I was thinking of what to do with mine. Not long after I brought it burned out on me LOL

    You are welcome. Mine is still holding up nicely!

    Well, I'm happy to report that we took the bag on it's first trip and it worked great. All the way from Chicago to Phoenix and back.

    Duct Tape Wheel In Action.jpg

    I have yet to find out but I will update the post when I find out. Duct tape likes to dry out so this isn't a permanent solution for sure.

    damn, Macgyver would be proud son, i would have removed the rivets and put rollerblades or skate or similar wheels and fixed them with nut and bolt

    May I suggest that you always leave the bag with its wheels _off_ the ground, as I think the wheel will deform progressively if left with weight on it ?

    That's a good idea and, in fact, I store this bag on a hook in a closet under our stairs so the wheel will be resting in the meantime.