Repair Cracks in Concrete


Introduction: Repair Cracks in Concrete

About: Sakrete is the pro's choice for concrete, mortar and stucco mixes along with maintenance and repair products for concrete and asphalt. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers rely on Sakrete for quality, consisten...

Do you have cracked or missing places in your Concrete? This is very common in driveways and patios. In this video we use a Sakrete product called Top' N Bond to repair a residential driveway. It's a very simple and easy solution.



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    Gonna try it - this is going to be covered in pavers or concrete in spring but want to try it myself to patch. The one big issue is this do I patch it or get a bag of Portland concrete and sand and patch this up? The other I'm using your product any help suggestions be great appreciated Vince Boston MA Primo Realty


    Thanks for this instructable. I thought I had a good handle on my concrete repair project but this has pointed out some crucial errors I almost made. Thanks again!

    I love how Sakrete has a pre-typed canned response to every post where people complain about it being advertising by saying "Not trying to sell anything here" yet there are Sakrete commercials DURING THE VIDEO!
    Well, a long time ago websites that tried to sell something were roundly chastised, now almost every website is trying to sell something. spammers used to say the same thing and now I get more SPAM e-mails than legitimate e-mails. I suspect that soon "Instructables" will be nothing but advertisers "Instructing" you on how to use and buy their products. than it will be called Advertisables!

    Thanks, I liked it. I was going to hire someone this very week to patch my sidewalk because it IS getting worse so now I can do it myself. Great video, easy to follow. How about sponsoring a contest?

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    Great to hear. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions after you fix patch that sidewalk.

    I am a single woman, and I for one, am thankful that I can watch these videos. It has helped me tremendously!

    Thank you for your feedback shardman!!! That's what these videos are all about... making those repair projects easier. The Sakrete Team

    It is a pity that the video does not have captions. That leaves out the non-anglophone. We can understand written English, but not heard. Can you estimate how many are in Instructables those of us in this situation?

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    basic way to fix cracks in concrete: 1. Using a rotary hammer, chisel, or whatever your preference is, enlarge the crack along its width, down about an inch or two (depending on how bad the crack is.) 2. wash out the crack with water, and let the water drain or dry. 3. mix up some sand mix (fine) concrete and fill up the void that you created 4. trowel flat and let it cure for a day. (cover if the weather is ugly or is in a heavy traffic area)

    Thanks very much, Steve.

    I know that technically it's an instructable but this is clearly advertising. Flagged.

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    The videos were created to help people who purchased our product or users who have a competitors product. Not trying to sell anything here.