Repair GPS Power Plug




Introduction: Repair GPS Power Plug

My Garmin 12 VDC Power Adapter plastic prong broke. The plastic prong keeps the plug tight in the socket. I attempted to fix the plastic prong but I keep losing power. I could buy a new Power adapter for $35 plus shipping but I had the parts to fix it and it cost me nothing.

Parts List
1. 12 VDC  Vehicle Power Adapter Plug
2) Solder
3) Heat shrink tape
4) Electrical Tape

Step 1: Repair GPS Power Plug

Pull sticker back and remove screw.

Step 2: Repair GPS Power Plug

Remove Cover and desolder black and red power wires.
Put heat shrink tape on the end of the wires.
Make sure you have the polarity right on the wires.
Solder wires from the new 12 VDC Power Adapter to the old power adapter.
Heat the shrink tape.
Reassemble the adapter.

Step 3: Repair GPS Power Plug

Put electrical tape on the end of the old power plug to keep it from coming apart.
Your GPS plug is ready to use and you saved $40.



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