We all know that moment when you place you are using your sparkling ipad 2 and accidentally drop it. Then, when you turn it (as it landed screen down)... you noticed the glass is horribly cracked. Well... you go to Apple, and since your Ipad was not covered because your warranty ended, the try to bill you >100$.

Well, now you can fix it for 40.00 yourself.

Step 1: Tools

You will need:

-Replacement Ipad 2 glass (d´oh). They are usually sold on ebay as Ipad 2 glass or Ipad 2 digitizer/glass combo.

-Several prying tools. Guitar Picks work well. Most digitizers bought on ebay will also bring the necessary tools.

-Ipad 2 double sided contact. They usually come with the glass/digitizer. This is NOT normal double sided tape. It is much tinner and stronger.

-A small screwdriver: again, some digitizers on ebay come with this as well.

<p>I.m new to this site. Why do instructions end with &quot;</p><p><br>-A small screwdriver: again, some digitizers on ebay come with this as well.</p><p>I'd like see all of therepairbegore attempting it myself. Thanks.</p>
Just followed your directions and fixed my ipad! Thanks for posting this instructable.. I picked up the screen for 28 bucks on ebay I figure you saved me a hundred dollars! <br>Nice work
Well, the most non-obvious point is not breaking the volume control cables, which is kinda easy. However, if you are careful, it is doable. Worst case scenario, the volume cable is an extra 10.00 . You shouldn't break the screen itself unless you are really careless.<br>However, you should know your skill&acute;s limits. If you aren't sure you can do it, I honestly wouldn't risk it.<br>
did the aluminum frame of the ipad bend at all when you dropped it?
Yep, but without the glass screen, you can unbend it just with a plier. It won&acute;t look stock, but the glass will no longer be out of place. After bending it, I sanded it a little. Since I forgot to take clear pictures of the process, I did not include it on the instructable. <br><br>However, I could post photos of the end results if you wish.

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