Introduction: Repair Laptop Hinge Problem With JB Weld

Picture of Repair Laptop Hinge Problem With JB Weld

In this Instructable, I will show you how to repair hinges on a Laptop, where the brass inserts has broken from the bottom case.

Tools needed:


JB Weld


Plastic wedge or Guitar pick

stirring stick ( I used a piece of old credit card)

Stirring pad ( I used sticky note pad)

Pen ( to keep notes on screw locations)

Step 1: Removing Screws

Picture of Removing Screws

First take Laptop battery out and set aside. Then start to remove the screws, try to remember there location or keep good notes. I am going to show how to take this Acer Laptop apart, yours might be different.

Step 2: Removed the Keyboard and Wires Under It

Picture of Removed the Keyboard and Wires Under It

Now removed the keyboard and screws, wires underneath it. Be gentle with the wires.

Step 3: Hinge Good, But Bottom Case Bad

Picture of Hinge Good, But Bottom Case Bad

Note in these pictures that the Hinge is in good shape, but the brass inserts has pulled out of the bottom case

Step 4: JB Weld Time

Picture of JB Weld Time

Mix equal parts of JB Weld on sticky note and stir until it turns grey in color.

Step 5: Apply JB Weld

Picture of Apply JB Weld

Apply mixed JB Weld in holes and insert the brass inserts with the screws still in, into the holes. Now use your clamp to hold the parts together. Let dry overnight

Step 6: Now Reassemble Laptop

Picture of Now Reassemble Laptop

After letting JB Weld set overnight, now you can reassemble Laptop

Step 7: Hinge Problem Fixed

Picture of Hinge Problem Fixed

Note in the Pictures I have put before and after photos of Hinge problem.

I hope this instructable can help somebody

Note this might not fix all Laptops, but I have been using JB Weld for years and it has done wonders.


kinneil (author)2016-03-05

I put plasticmate in mine, looks messy but works great that stuff , my laptop was that cracked I could push enough in so I didn't have to UN screw laptop, I don't know where to get plasticmate as it was given to me , it goes soft in boiling water then u mold it to any shape goes rock hard plastic .

I have never used plasticmate, but you can get JB Weld just about anywhere, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and most Car parts stores. I have been using this stuff for 30 years, and keep finding uses for it. i found it now this stuff is awesome stuff , it so great they should do a competition with it.

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