Introduction: Repair Logitech G602 Wheel-button

Picture of Repair Logitech G602 Wheel-button

A while ago, my wheel-button stopped working randomly. After some while, it stopped working completely, so I repaired it (and made it indestructible).

What you will need to repair it yourself:

  • soldering Iron
  • solder
  • pliers
  • 6mm*6mm push button
  • phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Opening the Mouse

Picture of Opening the Mouse

To access the screws of the G602, you will need to remove the gliding pads. Be careful when doing this and get completely under the glue-pad to prevent seperating it from the gliding pad.

Now you will be able to see the screws. Remove them.

Step 2: Remove the Old Button

Picture of Remove the Old Button

After you opened the mouse, you will see a white pushbutton. Apply a bit of solder to the legs to improve thermal conductance and desolder the button. Alternatively, you can cut the leads and desolder them invidiually.

Step 3: Solder the New Button

Picture of Solder the New Button

Now you can solder in the new button. I used an SMD button because I had them laying around. I suggest using SMD buttons because you can just bend the leads under the case and solder it without having to empty the solderpad holes. The orientation of the button is crucial since two leads are always shorted together. Just keep it the same orientation as on the old button.

Step 4: Reassembly

Just put the case halves together and screw the phillips screws in.

Ta-da! Your mouse-wheel button works again!


MarkBTomlinson (author)2016-05-27

Same problem here before I started dismantling the mouse I tried blowing in the wheel hole. Cover the hole with your mouth and blow hard. Strangely enough it works perfectly. It isn't a permanent solution as the problem returns but it works for a while at least. Seems a good blow job can cheer up your mouse too.

kamhagh (author)MarkBTomlinson2017-11-25

It worked instantly :D

Don't have to remove the glide pads anymore!

omg it actually works!! thanks so much

I tried it and it instantly worked again. Thank you, now I wont have to replace it.

ArtagoA (author)MarkBTomlinson2017-08-25

OMG. Worked remarkably well. Registered just to say that. Thank you!

Honestly, i wish i read this comment first. I went through with replacing it, didn't like the click, checked the old one to see if it still worked, reinstalled it, lost several screws, dropped screws back into the mouse, etc etc. turns out that taking it apart and cleaning it (blowing on it) made it work. Cheers.

Also logging in just to say thanks!

Thank you!

IsraelT23 (author)MarkBTomlinson2017-03-19

Same here, just register to say thanks. a good blow and problem solved haha!

Thanks mate!

fsfw3df (author)MarkBTomlinson2017-03-17

I also just registered to say thanks!!

I blew it once and (so far) it seems to be fixed. This is amazing.

Thank you so much

DavidP770 (author)MarkBTomlinson2017-02-19

Lmao that worked like a charm mate. Didnt expect an easy fix

wow i didnt expect this would work, can anyone explain for me why just 1 blow on the wheel and the middle mouse button works again?

I registered to say THANK YOU. My wheel was stiff and hardly moving. I was about to break out the tool set but all I had to do was act like the big bad wolf. Thank you!

PolT5 (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-11-10

oh my god, registered just to thank you! i've been using this mouse for almost 3 years now and i would hate to throw it away or damage it when trying to repair it. but just blowing on the scroll wheel works! so stupidly easy! you're a real life-saver. thank you so much!

Dharky (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-11-08

Registered just to thank you. It is working!

BenS264 (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-10-04

Brilliant! Worked like a charm and didn't have to dismantle yet. seems something is obstructing the click

shonek (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-09-18

It works!! thanks you very much

shamsherr (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-09-05

wow! well i didnt have to make an account but i did sign in just so i could say thanks, the blowing worked, its wasnt working at all before and now its working like a charm!

SeanO55 (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-08-27

I also had to make an account to thank you! 100%

I created an account just to thank you! Thank you, anonymous internet hero!!

NickM209 (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-08-01

thanks man!

guya11 (author)MarkBTomlinson2016-07-30

I logged on just to thank you, I was really disappointed since the mouse is super expensive and I'm way too incompetent to dismantle it properly. Then I saw your comment, tried it, worked like a charm.

NathanR125 (author)2017-01-01

So I opened mine up and tested the middle mouse button without the top shell (ie. just click the white button on manually); it worked fine! Odd because with the top shell on I can feel it pressing the button as well, but it won't work that way.

Does replacing the button still make sense for me? Seems like it might be a different issue.

МихаилС29 (author)2016-12-02

Hello. Can any one plz measure resistance of the R11 resistor on the bottom side of plate? Send me email on Thnx!

MarkBTomlinson (author)2016-09-18

Glad it helped guys all the best :)

Sabel6 (author)2016-04-23

I had the very same issue - a lot of force was needed to accomplish a scroll wheel click. I opened the beast up and just sprayed a little bit of WD40 on the button and clicked it repeatedly. Wiped the excess off, and put a few layers of regular tape on the plastic thingy that does the click to shorten the "depth" needed by a mm or two. After this simple procedure, it works like a charm.

DarrenP40 (author)Sabel62016-09-01

Made an account to thank you. WD40 did the trick. Now I have to figure out what to do when my SMDs arrive in the mail...

kim.hagey (author)2016-06-04

i had a problem with my side buttons jamming but didn't know how to fix them until i read how to take the mouse apart without buggering the whole thing up. Worked out perfect. Thanks for the info.

SJMaye (author)2016-04-04

I had a little trouble with the soldering. Not the smoothest, but it works. The instructions could be improved with some soldering tips for the less experienced. Thank you!

manderson77 (author)2015-04-01

This is exactly what I was looking for. What size SMD button did you use?

Buy it from here...

Hello! I just ordered one of these switches in attempt to fix my middle mouse click on my G602. I am very new to soldering, and would love a suggestion on what size of solder to buy. I have tried soldering in the past but I think I bought a coil that was far to thick. SO MUCH MELTED METAL EVERYWHERE, heh. Thank you all!

Leonelf (author)JoshuaG632016-03-08

maximum 1mm thick imho

JoshuaG63 (author)Leonelf2016-03-08

Great, thank you Leonelf, really appreciate the insight.

Leonelf (author)manderson772015-04-01

these ones were 6mm buttons. (the "cheap" buttons you can find on ebay for 4$ for a lot of 100)

manderson77 (author)Leonelf2015-04-01

Thanks! Do you recall the height of the button you used? I'm seeing 6mm buttons but the heights differ. I see 4.3mm, 6.5mm, and 7mm, to name a few. Thanks for the help.

Leonelf (author)manderson772015-04-01

On the ebay page it didn't state the height and I didn't measure, but you could open the mouse and measure^^ but the ones on ebay are some sort of standard, fitting, size

manderson77 (author)Leonelf2015-04-01


liquidmetalrob (author)2016-01-27

I unscrewed my one and opened it up and somehow just doing that fixed the problem. So I would recommend that first before trying anything else.

Ciantic (author)2015-12-09

That mouse has 3 year warranty, I suggest anyone to use it before this, G602 was released 2013 so all mouses should still have warranty left.

I'm about to get my third G602 from warranty, I've had two and on both the middle mouse button broke after a year of use. If you have bought your mouse from directly, they have policy you don't even have to ship the old mouse back except if they ask for it. (I have now two broken ones in closet, and one replacement mouse coming)

If the new one breaks also, I have to use these instructions next year.

I wonder why specifically the middle button has such a lousy quality? Other buttons, and other logitech products has worked for me literally decade or more without breaking.

MadMcGlory (author)2015-12-03

My G602 mouse stopped working so I found this and opened it up. What I noticed was the button worked but only when pressure was applied to the edge of the button. So I cut up carefully 4 x 1mm squares of electrical tape and stuck them together on top of the switch surface and boom it works like it should and is very responsive. So if you have a similar button issue this may work for you, but not sure for how long yet.

Psythik (author)2015-09-21

Is there a fix available that doesn't require me to replace the switch? I can't solder without making a big mess. My middle click works if I push the button hard so I was thinking about gluing a piece of cardboard to it so I don't have to push as hard.

KevinY5 (author)2015-04-26

yizhang1983 (author)2015-04-25

I had 2 of G602 middle click go numb now, so I think it's probably a design fault picking an unsuitable microswitch.

Original part is omron b3f-1000, 6x6mm 4.2mm height ivory 0.98n operating force. Just be aware of the operating force, I used a spare one lying around and now have to press extra hard.

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