Repair Logitech G602 Wheel-button





Introduction: Repair Logitech G602 Wheel-button

A while ago, my wheel-button stopped working randomly. After some while, it stopped working completely, so I repaired it (and made it indestructible).

What you will need to repair it yourself:

  • soldering Iron
  • solder
  • pliers
  • 6mm*6mm push button
  • phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Opening the Mouse

To access the screws of the G602, you will need to remove the gliding pads. Be careful when doing this and get completely under the glue-pad to prevent seperating it from the gliding pad.

Now you will be able to see the screws. Remove them.

Step 2: Remove the Old Button

After you opened the mouse, you will see a white pushbutton. Apply a bit of solder to the legs to improve thermal conductance and desolder the button. Alternatively, you can cut the leads and desolder them invidiually.

Step 3: Solder the New Button

Now you can solder in the new button. I used an SMD button because I had them laying around. I suggest using SMD buttons because you can just bend the leads under the case and solder it without having to empty the solderpad holes. The orientation of the button is crucial since two leads are always shorted together. Just keep it the same orientation as on the old button.

Step 4: Reassembly

Just put the case halves together and screw the phillips screws in.

Ta-da! Your mouse-wheel button works again!



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    Same problem here before I started dismantling the mouse I tried blowing in the wheel hole. Cover the hole with your mouth and blow hard. Strangely enough it works perfectly. It isn't a permanent solution as the problem returns but it works for a while at least. Seems a good blow job can cheer up your mouse too.

    Yup, it works. Registered to say thanks as well :) Was minutes away to getting it back to the shop for repair.

    I am so glad I found this comment!! I was getting ready to buy a new push button. Works perfectly now. I hope this fix works every time that button starts to act funky.

    It worked instantly :D

    Don't have to remove the glide pads anymore!

    omg it actually works!! thanks so much

    I tried it and it instantly worked again. Thank you, now I wont have to replace it.

    OMG. Worked remarkably well. Registered just to say that. Thank you!

    Honestly, i wish i read this comment first. I went through with replacing it, didn't like the click, checked the old one to see if it still worked, reinstalled it, lost several screws, dropped screws back into the mouse, etc etc. turns out that taking it apart and cleaning it (blowing on it) made it work. Cheers.

    Also logging in just to say thanks!

    Thank you!

    Same here, just register to say thanks. a good blow and problem solved haha!

    Thanks mate!