One of our teen attendees brought a damaged skateboarding shoe to our Build Night to see if SUGRU could help. The vinyl part of the shoe was separating from the rubber sole and there was a hole.

Step 1: Clean the Damaged Area

Clean the damaged area well. Let dry. SUGRU will not stick to dirt or grease.

Step 2: Apply SUGRU

Wash your hands. Open a package of SUGRU and squeeze it between your fingers until it is pliable. Stretch the SUGRU and make a patch over the damaged area of the shoe, covering the hole and overlapping onto the original part of the shoe a little.

Step 3: Decorate

Use another color of SUGRU to make your shoe look unique! Let dry 24 hours. Wash your hands again as SUGRU can stain.

<p>You could also use shoe goo too.</p>
<p>We actually had two shoe repair projects at our Build Night but I wanted to make only one instructable. I used pictures from the two projects. That why the shoes changed.</p>
I'm curious how the New Balance shoe became a Nike one....
<p>Nicely done! I'm curious how the sugru has held up over time in this application. Have you happened to see the shoe in question since the fix?</p>

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