Step 2: Disassembly: Housing

Picture of Disassembly: Housing
First remove the lens cap lanyard, any straps, the battery and the memory card.

The first fixing to remove is an allen bolt under the flash. This, along with six screws distributed around the main seam, secures the back to the front of the camera.

Remove all six screws too, and note that three are long, three are short, and both types have different threads. You're now ready to get inside this thing...
soulmisfit6 years ago
I used white out to mark when necessary.
boeger6 years ago
I have a DMC-FZ7 I was able to remove 3 screws and it looks like there is some blue loctite on them. The others are putting up a good struggle and I don't want to shred them. Is there a way to get around the blue loctite?
boeger boeger6 years ago
ah, i solved it. i heated the screws with a soldering iron for a few seconds and they were much easier to loosen.
Nachimir (author)  boeger6 years ago
Interesting, the screws with that stuff came out really easily on the camera in the photos. I'm not certain of course, but it might be a snitch measure to tell Panasonic when a camera has been opened or not; i.e. only some holes had the blue stuff in but others used the same size screws.
ArkAdmin7 years ago
There are 3 longer screws with coarser threads and 3 shorter screws with finer threads. The two screws on either side of the bottom camera mount are long coarse-thread screws. The other screw on the bottom of the camera is a short fine-thread screw. The screw by each shoulder strap bracket is a short fine-thread screw. The last screw by the battery and memory card slot is a long coarse-thread screw.