Repair Welding and Painting an Old Chair


Introduction: Repair Welding and Painting an Old Chair

This is an old chair from a set I bought for cheap at a garage sale a while back. It looks like someone tried to fix it but it looks really flimsy. I decided to patch it up myself and give it a new coat of paint.

Tools needed
MIG welder
Metabo (or something to cut with)
paint and primer

These tools (or an equvalent) are available for use at TechShop

Step 1: Welding Up the Seat

First thing I did was cut out the old braces with the Metabo that were added by someone else. Then, using a MIG welder, I reattached the parts of the seat that were broken to the frame of the chair.

Step 2: Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

After the new welds cooled off, I sanded down the flat surfaces with the sandpaper. I added a fresh coat of paint and it looks like new.

This is where the project stops for now, however, I plan on taking the set of chairs to the sandblaser at TechShop and possibly powdercoating them.



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