Introduction: How to Repair an Xbox360 Controller RT-LT Trigger

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Do you have an xbox 360 controller with RT-LT broken ? Don't worry,you can repair it !

What you have need.

1) A T8 star key

2) Iron Solder & iron.

3) Much Precision

4) A Little wire.

Step 1: Disassemble the Controller.

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1) With the star key , unscrew the seven screw from the controller.

2) Unplug the vibration motors from mainboard,and remove the mainboard from the plastic support.

Step 2: Find the Pin on the Mainboard

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Ok,now we must find the 3 pin of the trigger and the pin where do the bridge.

For LT trigger, do a brigde with a little wire from the first pin to pin C5 (condensator pin) HOW IN IMAGE.

For RT trigger ,do a bridge ever from the first pin and C72 (condensator pin) THE SAME HOW FOR LT TRIGGER.


Picture of ASSEMBLE & TEST

1) Assemble again the controller,pay attention to vibration motors.

2) Test the controller with any game on your xbox360. Enjoy !


HussainA41 made it! (author)2016-10-06

Hi , I have opened my controller as you advised , but my xbox 360 slim contoller is a bit different in layout , RT is not working in my wireless controller , can you please give me a hiont how to fix it. I am uploading the picture of my controller.

Thank you in advance.

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