Introduction: How to Repair an Xbox360 Controller RT-LT Trigger

Do you have an xbox 360 controller with RT-LT broken ? Don't worry,you can repair it !

What you have need.

1) A T8 star key

2) Iron Solder & iron.

3) Much Precision

4) A Little wire.

Step 1: Disassemble the Controller.

1) With the star key , unscrew the seven screw from the controller.

2) Unplug the vibration motors from mainboard,and remove the mainboard from the plastic support.

Step 2: Find the Pin on the Mainboard

Ok,now we must find the 3 pin of the trigger and the pin where do the bridge.

For LT trigger, do a brigde with a little wire from the first pin to pin C5 (condensator pin) HOW IN IMAGE.

For RT trigger ,do a bridge ever from the first pin and C72 (condensator pin) THE SAME HOW FOR LT TRIGGER.


1) Assemble again the controller,pay attention to vibration motors.

2) Test the controller with any game on your xbox360. Enjoy !


HussainA41 made it!(author)2016-10-06

Hi , I have opened my controller as you advised , but my xbox 360 slim contoller is a bit different in layout , RT is not working in my wireless controller , can you please give me a hiont how to fix it. I am uploading the picture of my controller.

Thank you in advance.


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