Picture of Repair a Broken Ethernet Plug
The locking tab of RJ45 plugs breaks very easily. Replace it by two nylon cable ties (aka zip ties), in minutes.

- This must be regarded as a temporary "Mac Gyver" solution, for home usage.
- Definitely not for IT staff! (no crimper? asking for one in the budget won't get you fired!)
- Before the tab breaks, consider protecting the plug.
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Step 1: On Broken RJ45 Locking Tabs...

There are always some Ethernet cables around with a broken tab. Did you remember to exchange the cable?

Now the RJ45 plug no longer locks properly, making the connection unreliable. You firmly push the plug into the socket, hurray you're connected again! so you forget about the plug until the next lost connection some weeks later, wasting a long time to figure out that it's this damn broken plug again. And so on.

Now it's time to act and grab your RJ45 crimp tool. Oh, you don't have one? Or you're reluctant to use it? so read on...

Step 5: Make its Head Thin

With the sharp knife, and preferably on a piece of scrap material, cut the head of the cable tie, to make it flat.
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ThanassisK4 days ago

The cost of RJ45 plugs is less than €0,10 so it is better to change the plug.

It needs 10 minutes if you are not doing that every day

CarolynC25 days ago

Or check out the RJCLIP.

CarolynC25 days ago

CHEAPEST AND EASIEST FIX. Slip a RUBBER BAND all the way under the plug clip if the locking plasticclip is cracked but not broken off. The rubber band will lift the inner non-broken part of the clip just enough for you to hear or feel the click when it locks in place. You can remove the plug by pressing down on the clip and rubber band as usual.

This works for a SEMI-PERMANENT FIX, in case you rarely re-insert the plug, to avoid having the cable plug annoyingly disengage when you accidently move the cable or router, especially when you are unaware of it.

ebasir1 month ago

Problem solved! We are not big fans of wireless networking. A broken plug is a big inconvenience. Fixing it saved us alot of money and frustriation. Great photos. Thank you very much.

I don't know what everyone is going on about, this took me 20 minutes max and it works perfectly. :)
Boygasmo6 months ago

I couldn't cut the head bit, as it is tough as nails. I tried with pair of sheers but it only made it uneven. So I took on another tip, tape the sides of the plug and it should make it snug. Works just fine.

roseuz2 years ago
Ah!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time and disappointment. I wish I could be as positive as the others, but sorry, that's just not the case. I tried this, which took probably at least an hour with the cutting the head of the tie being the longest. It cracked to the top, but I managed to change the direction of the cut to get it even and finish the job. I also super-glued it and wiped off any excess. It eventually cracked again though.

Once I finally reached the last step, I am able to put it into my Ethernet port, but sometimes must fidget with it to get it pushed in all the way so that when I tug on it I can feel resistance. The second thing that bothered me the most is that it's too difficult to get out and I usually have to pull out my Ethernet cord as I have a non wireless printer that's not in my room and this would frustrate me every time I have to take the cord out.

I guess the easiest and fastest solution, would be to buy a coupler as someone else suggested and a one foot cord and tape the damaged end of the cord into the coupler.
glenneroo roseuz8 months ago

Absolutely agree! The idea is good, but I just spent an hour trying this with various cable-ties and I have to say, the cable is better off without this "fix". I just bought a RJ45 coupler and added another cable.

laxap (author)  glenneroo8 months ago
Sorry for the waste of time... but you have been warned by the important note in the intro. You shall consider this fix as a curiosity.
blueonion1 year ago
I've found super gluing a $3 inline coupler to be easier and more flexible.

N.Khan1 year ago
dude you totally rock! :v
Thank you thank you and thank you so much. Almost every plug I have is broken and I was about to go buy new ends and recrimp them. Now I don't have to.
Love this. This seems like you would want this at the dedicated end,
correct ? Or is this a remedy that works for repeated plug in and unplug uses?
Doncans1 year ago
ingeniosamente simple y espectacularmente útil

ljuwana1 year ago
nice simple
x burn1 year ago
really brilliant
Fat Aido1 year ago
I am in love with you man! xxx
Great job on the ties!
dmesser2 years ago
This might be fine s a temporary fix. But seriously, just crimp on a new end. They're as cheap as cheap as pull-ties, and you won't have to fiddle with getting the cuts just right. Any home improvement store carries the crimper and ends.
mmcpherson45 years ago
MUAHAHAH!!! NEVER will I EVER be disconnected from Xbox Live because of that cursed cable!!! :D Thanks a bunch dude! 
same here dude - no getting booted from cod or gears!
haha same exact reason im doing this!
An excellent fix for an all too common problem. Saved me hours of laying new cables or renewing connectors. A simple and annoyingly obvious fix once you have seen it done once.
eddles7773 years ago
thanks mate for showing this. i applied to to my own cat-5 cable and also used the same application modified for my old telephone wire cable.
(removed by author or community request)
The Home Depot electrical department has them. Various sizes. Try the hardware department as well depending on store.
Poundland in Uk and dollar world in other places
prodo1233 years ago
I can't cut the friggin nylon tie with an extremely sharp razor. Now what, sand it flat?
laxap (author)  prodo1233 years ago
Because the nylon is quite hard, a sharp and sturdy blade+handle is necessary. Use a utility knife (stanley, or snap-off).

Side cutting pliers may also be used.
prodo123 laxap3 years ago
I used a Stanley utility knife and it still won't cut...
Then I used wire cutters and it completely deformed the end
Then I used needle nose pliers and it did the same thing
Sorry but you made me laugh. Have you got a sharp blade installed in the knife? If you use a little backwards and forwards motion and gently push you will make it through the plastic clip. You could use some mineral oil to help with the friction. You have to have some patients, they are tough little pesky things.

If you have a little modelers drill you could use a small sander tip but that would defeat the whole point of this genius repair. Which can be done with little to no tools, I have managed to do this with a set of True Utility Nail Clippers. So keep going and you will succeed.

Good luck.
I got a new Ethernet cable, problem solved.
And yes, it was sharpened at that time. In fact, laying my finger over it got me a small cut. So it looks like there's something wrong with my cable ties. Or maybe it's some industrial-grade cable tie? I don't know.
Oh well . . . got here too late to tell you to try a finger nail clipper. The big ones with a wide flat Jaw for toe nails. This is what I plan to use instead.
This rocks more than a very rocky thing! Thank you!

I have a cable where the tab broke off from being plugged/unplugged every day, so this will be much better than the original tab because it's almost unbreakable!
lmlei3 years ago
Can people that tried this way confirm if its safe for my laptop...? I LOVE the idea i just hope its safe to use haha
Rybka30 lmlei3 years ago
I used it for few months... and then PC engineer said me it can break ethernet card in computer... i dunno how, but he said it can... :/
mmykle Rybka303 years ago
It can only break the port if you misjudge the how small to cut the ziptie. If it is too big the cable will get stuck in the port. However in most cases you should be able to get it out by sliding a knife in between the ziptie and the ethernet port.
Finally gave this a try on my cable that keeps coming loose. For a moment I thought it hadn't worked but then I nudged the ties forward a bit and it clicked and locked. Excellent job on this!
julietaodio3 years ago
How clever!!!!!!!! ithis is the most amazing solution for something sooo annoying thank you for reminding me of things like these make the world interesting. I know, a little drama hasn´t killed anybody but it is true 8)
rquader3 years ago
Great fix. I'll try this out on my cables!
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