Step 6:

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Then we put the hole assembly into the wall, since the walls are hollow we have enough room to put it all in there without bending anything.
After closing it all up there is nothing to be seen, but if this cable breaks we can connect a new Hdmi cable within 10 minutes.  

And there you go, running a signal through a 5 meter long cable with a self-soldered connector, then through a Hdmi to Hdmi connector and then another 3 meters to the Imac with converter.
I tested it with a 1080P trailer and there was no scrambeld or strange picture to be seen, proves that Hdmi is a good and solid protocol.

Way to go Hdmi...

Bytheway a nice tip that I've got from from c0lin was to get one of these:

And I have seen comments about using glue as a strain relief, I have something to say about it: DONT DO IT!
It didnt work with any glue I used (including hot glue) and I ended up doing al this a second time.
The cable itself and the connectors are so smooth that any glue you would use has trouble sticking on to it.
That is why I left it out and used the aluminium and Tyraps approach.

For more tips (untested) look at the comments below (first page)
c0lin3 years ago
You still need to open up that panel to replace the second cable if anything goes wrong. Not done correctly in the first place and not done correctly the second time.

Get one of these: http://www.infinitecables.com/pop/wpk-hd1-d.htm