In this instructable I will demonstrate how to repair/patch a leaking water softener reservoir.
I will try to keep this "ible" short and sweet.

Note I also took apart and cleaned and re-lubed all of the O-rings, and the venturi. If you are going to have it taken apart you should just complete the tuneup as well, so I did. That's not part of this instructable. Sorry.

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Step 2: Disassemble the Unit

Step 1
Using your permanent marker, if you know where the leak is, make a reference mark for later. In this case I do know where it is because salt is coming out of the crack.

Step 2
Disassemble the water softener and remove the insides so you only have the reservoir.

Step 3.
Empty the salt in a safe location "INFO NOTE" salt will kill your plants don't pour it, or any left over salt brine water, in your yard.

Step 4
Spray out inside of reservoir until it looks clean. Then dry out with a towel or let it air dry, your choice.

Step 4: Prep the Materails

Put on your safety glasses if you haven't already done so. You do not want epoxy in your eyes.

Step 1. Mix your epoxy. Mix your epoxy on a portable surface something you can carry while you crawl in to the reservoir. I normally use a piece of cardboard and a Popsicle stick, this time I used a paper plate I also use 5 minute epoxy.

Step 2. Have a small bowl of water and some dish soap nearby. You can mix some soap in the water if you like.