Step 4: Repair the Connections

Picture of Repair the Connections
Using LOW heat (you do not want to melt the ribbon or the solder on the board), slowly heat the ribbon cable where it is connected to the mainboard to soften the glue. At the same time, gently but firmly rub the connection strip with the pencil eraser.
1. Try to avoid directing too much hot air onto the LCD itself as this could damage it.
2. Apply enough heat to melt the glue holding the ribbon connection, but not enough to melt the cable itself.
3. If after the first try the problem is not resolved, try rubbing the connections down with something firmer. I repaired two identical phones using this method, and the second one required that I use the back of a plastic screwdriver to force down the connections.
donkeytits13 years ago
The edge of a household iron also works.

Just used it to repair my Sharp Calculator!
jmartin403 years ago
I used the hex head of a small electronics screwdriver and heated the head with a candle. Obviously the head has to be very smooth. I used the edge of the hex head and ran it down the connector of my calculator. It cools fairly quickly so you have to keep reheating it. It's like using an old fashioned iron you heat in the fireplace.
I filled the screen with 8s and did a calculation to fill all of the display elements. I ran my finger nail along the connection to see which part of the ribbon affected what part of the screen so I knew where to iron each time.
azendejas4 years ago
Did not work for me... I did something wrong... I guess...
kb.bear6 years ago
I think that the point is to press the ribbon on to the ic board and the heat softens the glue so this can be done
leemck6 years ago
I am not clear on what the repair task is doing here. Why are you heating the ribbon cable? And what are you rubbing with the pencil eraser? Do I understand, the end of the flat data cable going into the LCD is finished to form a flat plug. You are using the pencil eraser to clean the flat plug surface? So the problem is to burnish where the cable connects to the LCD? The part about heating the cable is to partly slide the cable out of the LCD to reveal the surface the needs burnishing?